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Published on Feb 19, 2011

My be-lated Valentine's Day Special. XD This one I think turned out quite well and I worked really really hard on it. lol!
In the beginning of the video, I put Namine in black and white because I wanted to show how bland and predictable she felt in Castle Oblivion... at least until she meets Sora. As the video progresses, her parts are more and more colorful and exciting thanks to Sora's awesomeness. Eventually she tells him she was enchanted to meet him and he smiles and pretty much agrees with her on how "enchanting" everything is now that he knows her.
The Roxas and Xion segment I found much more difficult to do because for some reason whenever I make a tribute to them as a couple, it ALWAYS ends up as one person no longer interested and leaving and the other one chasing after them... *sighs* So naturally for this one I was trying to make it not that way (despite my brain's best efforts) so I hope they're part is just as pleasing as Sora/Namine's part. :D
clips from: kh-vids.net
song: Enchanted
artist: Taylor Swift

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Dancing Darkness
by: SemaUzumaki

SemaUzumaki, that picture is just stunning! I'm in awe at your work. :)

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StellarMage99 Sakura-hime
I loved both Ships! Sora/Nami Rox/Xi the best!!!>.<
StellarMage99 Sakura-hime
*Xi the
For some reason i get a sense of nostalgia when I hear this song...
Game Girl
I love it!!!!Can u do shake it off?
Game Girl
Love it can you do Shake it off KH girls plz.
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Game Girl
Thanks again!!!!! We need more KH videos on YouTube!!!!By the way KH the novels are coming out soon in English!!!!!Sometime in March!!!!😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
Game Girl
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Not my pairings of choice (though I do like both of them) but this was a good video. :) And I like the how you transfered the Namine and Sora segment into the Roxas and Xion segment.
Everytime I hear this song, at the bridge where Taylor sings "Please don't be in love with someone else", it feels and sounds like she is whispering into my right ear since I'm wearing earphones. I get this indescribable sensation on the right side of my body!
@KhprincessNeva Nice theory, but it is possible to be really nice to someone without falling for them. They were just really good friends, nothing more, so in other words... the pairing is NOT canon. But it is a cute pairing nonetheless.
jessica mccartney
@ThatGirl9895 Thank you so much! :D I'm glad you like it!
Maddy D&#39;Cruz
@Bluelazor ok cool! i might still do one i'll have to see i love the part where its pacing back and forth!! i love it!!! i might watch some more of ur vids!!! :D
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