I'm Katniss and I know it parody of LMFAO sexy & I know it





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Published on Apr 6, 2012

OH MY... OH MY GOODNESS!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH FOR THE 325,000+ views and all the comments!!! Good or bad! I just love you guys! And may the odds be EVER in your favor!!!!
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CHECK OUT MY NEW PARODY OF JUSTIN BIEBER'S BOYFRIEND CALLED "ACCORDING TO THE MYANS" THANKS!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvE7Dn... I KNOW ITS NOT AS GOOD AS PEETA AND I KNOW IT! i wasn't trying to make it better i know that's not really possible! I was just trying to have some fun! :) Anyways Thanks so much for the 10,000+ views!! sorry i did my best on the timing of the lyrics so sorry bout that well anyways Hi, ya well this is my first parody so if its really bad please let me know (just in a nice way) anyways this is a parody of I'm Sexy and I know it and a lot of people have heard of the I'm Peeta and I know it, so i decided to make a Katniss version (be warned now it does use the peeta one in it) So i know its not completely original but it took a long time and just try to ignore my terrible voice lol. Heres the lyrics below, oh and this is kind of about the beginning of the hunger games as you will see and how katniss got in there so ya:

When i'm in the town i'll be out walking like all around until that time when I'm in the woods hunting for my life, this is how i roll with my best friend we be snaring yo! But its reaping day and my sis is in there once so its okay.
Gale look at that deer,
gale look at that turkey,
gale look at that rabbit.
Gale look at that fox,
gale look at that rat,
gale look at that squirrel

Chorus: When i walk into the hob ya this is what i see Gale Hawthorne is a staring at me I've got some game in my bag and i aint afraid to sell it sell it sell it! I'm katniss and i know it

Second Verse: So its reaping day ive got my sis by my side so its okay, then i hear her name suddenly she's being pulled away. So i scream and yell now im the tribute by myself, effies on a roll so she pulls another name oh here we go.
Look who it is (3x)
boy with the bread
Look who is is(3x)
boy with the bread

Chorus: When he walked out that shop ya this is what i see peeta mellark is a staring at me he's got a loaf in his hand and he aint afraid to throw it throw it throw it... he's peeta and he knows it.... Im katniss and i know it

Bridge: Prim gale cinna peeta haymitch ya(4x) Ya i have my hunting skills but is that enough to kill, going to the capitol. Im katniss and i know it!
Going to the games(3x)
im gonna die
going to the games(3x
) but i have to win!...
Im a tribute and i know it!


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