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Call Of Duty Rap Song (Black ops + modern warfare 2) 3 Karma (Edison) Prod by Anno Domini





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Published on May 16, 2011

*NOTE* People is complaining about the gameplay in the backround, I just put it there because I thought it would be better than just having a picture.

im stepping in like onlyusemyblade
stabbing two bitches in the back then i step back in the shade
every perk on pro thats how i role
you aint have no chance when i start letting the shots go
death row, and i get quad in the feed
no rekognition on youtube, but thats all i need
to much unserious people who record with they dazzle
begging for the shoutouts causing all kinds of hazzle
bam bitch tryna quickscope my ass
tomahawk in the face you be dying with class
ghost bitch hiding in the grass
with a strela 3
so im letting valkyrie rockets free
I'm like wings of redemption
go fanboy blow your head with an intervention
evil intentions when i join the lobby
fuck you bitch this more than a hobby
you be begging to die, to the face to the face
chopper gunner, be sending yall to otherspace
woof woof pack of dogs be tearing you to shreds
you dead, i see it in the callout corner
edison is whopping the people of any given game
like a massacre big shootouts, and you know my name
ill creep up like xcalizorz stab you
surpsise bitch (yea)

blame truth, I cant help im good
im eating yall for up for lunch food
i see you leaving the game two minutes in
blaw deagle to your chin
headshot (blaw) man!
And I dont need no clan or x in my names
every kid has magics in their name
haha yeah, its me who said it
what chu gon do 2on2 I'll go 1 versus all of you
lets call it free for all
theres no stall shooting slugs
in your brain like we playing hardball
and i recorded it all, so its montage time
i enjoy killing in them games its not a crime
so i cant be stopped by anyone standing up
to me will get popped


we playing search and destroy
so i go for the bomb
shooting freely and you will end up in a catabomb
fuck getting money, I do this for fun
and as soon I see the numbers
I cock my gun
the game relys on me
wannabe gangsta hustling my CP
got a rigged game in wager match
capture the flag im the one you cant catch
marathon plus mp5k mother fucker


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