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Published on May 23, 2013

Master Secrets Of The Universe. Did you ever consider that you rarely do strenuous work, yet get hungry 3x per day?

Psychology of Longevity shares more of the master secrets of the universe. When you refer to "most amazing info," be sure to include these juicy gems, and facts about FoodBoosters, and supercharged cold lasers ( http://www.superchargedlasers.com ) QVials, at http://www.qvials.com, EnergyVials at http://www.energyvials.com, and plenty more

In short, the more we learn, the better our decisions tend to be.

FoodBoosters may be the single greatest leap forward in food... ever, since it makes EVERY food not only free of EMF pollution that makes it test weak (by BDORT testing or refractometer, or QRA, even reflexology or kinesiology), it also adds more energy into the food.

No need to believe a word. Test it with a one-second bidigital test (learn at http://www.QRA.me)

Everything single living thing, no exceptions, that comes near to electricity,
is instantly blanketed with electrical frequencies that weaken EVERYTHING alive.

From thryoid and parathryoid to every bit of food and drink, they all test weaker (by QRA)

FoodBoosters not only reverses ALL electrical pollution, allowing the food's energy out,
it also provides a boost to every organ or gland when you touch it to your GV20 point.

Supercharge all of your food, and look to see how much more you get out of less food.
Please, not a word of agreement or disagreement until AFTER you do a 1-second QRA test.
Your opinion (as for all of us) has ZERO value without knowledge and experience.

Find those who do it best. Imitate them. THEN innovate with your experience and knowledge.

When we boost the energy of our foods and beverages, we increase the nutrition we receive, and certainly boost our own energy. FoodBoosters boosts energy in food in 1 to 5 seconds, that's it!

When we get more energy from our food that has been boosted, there is a near-immediate reduction in food requirements. Most people (above 80%) report reducing their food intake... not in a few months, rather, IN THEIR FIRST WEEK!

Learn the one-second bidigital test that allows you to test the energy of anything and everything. See www.qra.me for instant lesson, compliments of the Psychology of Longevity.

Supercharged rare earth minerals and supercharged cold lasers, the world's first, and most effective energy laser in existence, are the gift of a lifetime, to last a lifetime. Visit http://www.FoodBoosters.com


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