Busta Rhymes is a Muslim and talks about Islam





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Published on Jun 27, 2007

Busta Rhymes Spiritual Side of Hollywood, and talks about Islam.
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Julio Kosters
Busta says he is a Muslim which means he submitted his will to the will of Allah who is the Creator of the heavens and earth. Whether he is a practising Muslim or not- Only Allah will Judge him and no one else. May Allah continue to guide him and us to His true Deen.
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Yes even though singing and modeling in Islam is restricted, it doesn't mean Amr Diab or Asala are not Muslims, they're secularized Muslims. May Allah guide them.
SaySol- Ben Yehoshua
benbalouli Jean-Pierre not telling you you're wrong or anything, from what I've seen and heard the NOI consider W.F. Muhammad as the chosen messenger to bring Islam to a people in America. Not that he is Allah himself, just a vessel at that day in time.
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Majed Malki
just one question for the ppl who worship Jesus.. if the Creator "Allah" had a son     " whitch is wrong". why would u worship the son and not the father ?? and one more thing in the bible jesus said "do not worship me" again why do u worship him ? :S
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Connor Murphy
Christians believe that Jesus, the Lord and the Holy Spirit all make up God.
Progressive Life
no one worships Jesus !!
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Lawyer Mohammed
Please ppl if you are gonna write a thing about islam .. I want you to read about it ... JUST read and compare :)
nothing al otaibi
busta is not muslim  he is angry to islam i don,t why he say that go to check he vidos ... ( Arab Money Remix- Busta Rhymes) go to see the mother fucker what he say to musilms ...
Yunus - Jonah
Stop judging Busta and start looking in the mirror
muslim and drink alcohol WTF !!
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Progressive Life
loads of Muslims do this now
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Idk if the comment section is full of fake muslims themselves but what you guys are saying is a sin no matter what if a person says hes muslim hes muslim until you can prove otherwise just because he made a song doesnt mean anything, yes he shouldnt have done it but it did get alot more people sayin alhamdulillah which is great! Instead of bashing him pray that Allah forgives your brother.
HeemDaBull Islam bull shit totally. He made a song called Arab money. Saudi Arabia banashed slavery just 60 yrs ago, on paper in 1967. Shit still going on there today heavy, on the down low.
+Heem Savage Dude you totaly right ! The biggest sin (After shirk) is try finding mistakes wich your brother did once before and talking crap abot him without knowing him. Just pray for our Brother for forgiveness and everything is fine ...
benbalouli Jean-Pierre
beware for bustha rhymes allah is Wallace Fard Muhammad not the allah of sunna muslim
The song arab money has nothing to do with being muslim. First of all not all Muslims are arab or speak Arabic. Secondly all Arabs aren't even muslim. And third he is following islam but not 100% just like many other Muslims now a days. And for the ignorance people saying allah is a moon God many arab Christians refer to God as allah. It's just a different language. That's the only difference. Inshallah he will be led to the right path. 
Janga Wolof
He's not that type of Muslim. I can't believe "HipHop fans" still don't know about the 5 Percenters...
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