Arranged My heart episode 33





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Uploaded on Jul 28, 2009

Rob: we know youll like it
Selena: [opens it http://www.chanel.com/fashion/7#7-clu...] omg its the one that I wanted. [hugs them both ] thank you!!
Cody: well its my turn and I wanted to get a give for both nick and selena. So [hands her a bag]
Selena: [opens it http://www.fredericks.com/Sexy_Police... with handcuffs] eww seriously
Nick: nice. Maybe you can catch me using that.
Selena: [punches his arms] you arent seeing me in this. [laughs] [gets up and hugs cody]
Nick: [gives cody a handshake] thanks dude.
Tony: well I too wanted to put some excitement to your sex life so I got you this. [gives her a bag: http://www.fredericks.com/Strappy_Lac... ]
Selena: dude I seriously dont wanna open it.
Demi: well I guess you dont wanna open the next one either.
Selena: the next one?
Ashley: [hands her a small bag]
Selena: [peaks in it http://www2.victoriassecret.com/comme... ] yea. now I know why its in such a small bag.
Nick: ooh can I see?
Selena: nope. Youll see it when we get home.

Selena: [drives home]
Nick: [kisses her hand] Im really happy I spent this with you.
Selena: [looks at him and smile] me too [keeps on driving]
[they get back to the house and carries everything into the house]
Selena: [sighs] [lays on the bed] Im tired.
Nick: can I see that outfit now?
Selena: you get to pick one bag without looking inside of it and I shall wear that.
Nick: [smiles excitedly] seriously?
Selena: yea.
Nick: [picks the smallest bag]
Selena: [laughs] [takes the little bag and wears the outfit]
Nick: WOAH. [has a boner]
Selena: [walks up to him]
Nick: [pulls her onto him and starts kissing her]
Selena: [laughs] babe. I have school tomorrow.
Nick: go to spain with me and lets get pregnant.
Selena: babe. Im not getting pregnant at 17. And definitely if I have school tomorrow.
Nick: [pouts]
Selena: [covers her eyes] no. you are not gonna get me with the pouting. [gets up] Im gonna go change. [goes to the bathroom and change]
Nick: [waiting for her]
Selena: [cuddles with him]
Nick: I think me being with you is better for both of us. [strokes her hair]
Selena: [falls asleep]

Nick: [kisses her forehead]
Selena: [slowly gets up] good morning. [smiles at him]
Nick: Im about to leave right now.
Selena: [gets up] already?
Nick: yea. [smiles] do you want to trade phones?
Selena: [smiles] I dont care. What time is it babe?
Nick: its 530 in the morning.
Selena: I better get up too. are you leaving with rob and Kristen?
Nick: yea. were all headed to the airport.
Selena: aww Ill miss you.
Nick: [kisses her] I gotta go babe.
Selena: okay. Call me later k?
Nick: [grabs selenas phone and gives her his phone] most definitely. [leaves]
Selena: [grabs his phone and calls Demi] dems.
Demi: [still asleep] urgh who is this?
Selena: its selly.
Demi: [looks at her phone] why are you using nicks phone?
Selena: um he actually switched phones with me so yea. [walks to her closet] want a ride to school lady?
Demi: umm most definitely. I think joes gonna be late today anyways.
Selena: coolio. I dont even wanna know why hes gonna be late. [laughs] So Ill be there in an hour or so.
Demi: coolio. [they both hang up]
Selena: [walks into the shower] [phone rings] hello?
Debby: nicky are you picking me up??
Selena: Im sorry my nickys busy flying away from your ugly face. [hangs up] wow. what a loser. [goes into the shower]


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