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Published on Sep 24, 2010

Coach Z offers up a coin mint trip for open discussion. Please examine the fighting done, and offer up what you think was done wrong.

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What were the mistakes? That battle was a MONSTROSITY.
Riven Delisle
Truer words can't be spoken
fatal mistake: grouping with idiots. end.
Riven Delisle
Titanic Gaming
0:25 Dog has only 61 laff, therefore is more than likely in Brrrgh tasks, and shouldn't be doing mints. 0:33 Dog didn't choose, mouse should have taken back the fire hose after realizing the dog was not going to choose. (Nothing wrong with double magnet) 1:12 Dog chooses too late 1:48 Dog should have squirted with mouse. Mouse probably should have kept his gag choice incase the throw missed. 2:19 Dog should have attacked the left cog 2:02 Nothing wrong here. In this situation, combining throw and squirt is smart so the squirt can hit the Cog if the throw misses. 3:35 Mouse and duck should have chosen sound if they had it, otherwise use a stronger gag than a fire hose or big weight. Duck should have went the same direction as the mouse. 4:46 Double magnet is okay, but throwing in a single Cog lure completely messes it up. Mouse should have either passed, kept his toonup choice, or hit one of the red light Cogs.
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Titanic Gaming well in tto multiple lure gags will average the accuracy. While in ttr, it takes the accuracy of the higher lure instead. In fact, using multiple lure increases the anount of time the cog is lured. So basically 4 hypnos will lure for 16 rounds.
+Kitty Kat Ruiji Actually, in TTR, the accuracy of two lures used is dependant of the highest level lure. So if there was a small magnet and a big magnet used, the game makes like only the big magnet was used.
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EVERYONE is up for critisism? the cogs kept missing.
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+CoachZucchini also the fire hose did 18 dammage........... what?
+CoachZucchini why do the cogs spam drop anyway?
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Bear with Me should've called back his magnet, as double lure is lower accuracy
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+boynedmaster He is correct. The idea that two lures of the same level had lower accuracy is a myth.
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the green dog was not making good choices.
The green dog talked WAY too much. if he would of stopped talking then they would of made it. Who agrees?
Tadiwa Kabayadondo
I agree that dog is annoying
I'm bored, so here is my take on the main mistakes made in this video. Group 1, Round 1: 0:30 : Purple Duck or Bear With Me could have used another gag instead of both luring. It just wastes one of their gag choices. I'm not going to bother mentioning the dog's inability to pick a gag going forward, Coach already covered that. So basically, in that round two toons did effectively nothing(Dog and one of the luring toons), which is why the robber baron did not go down. The Next two rounds are fairly decent with no major mistakes made except maybe a little too much shuffling due to things. (*Cough Dog *Cough) However If I were to revise the 3rd play I would have had the mouse cloud a lvl 10 and the duck squirt on the same lvl 10 instead. Group 1, Round 4: 2:15 : The Dog Made a major mistake here by choosing the right cog instead of the left cog. That was NOT the mouse's fault. If the the dog had hit the correct cog, It would have died. (30 + 76 + (.5*106) + (.2*106)) = 180.2 or 180 damage with the dog. (76 + (.5*76)) = 114 damage without the dog. (lvl 10 has 132 hp) Group 2, Round 1: 3:28 : I believe, the biggest mistake made was seriously by Bear With Me for pulling out a foghorn. You could clearly tell the other toons did not have foghorns due to their, laff and gag choices the seconds after he pulls it out. You guys should have lured the entire way, period. I can hear the excuse that " Oh I thought at least one of them would have a foghorn ". No, you should have known simply by either checking their gags before you even entered the first fight, or from the fact that no one even asked to sound, or even pull out fog horns in the first fight. I don't mean to brown nose it so much, but it is such a big mistake. Group 2, Round 2: 4:49 : That 5 dollar bill seriously gave me a heart attack. I'm not going to go go and explain all the things that go into how lure works, because that would cause a riot with varying sources of information people draw from fueling fueds over how it works, but let it be known that the 5 dollar bill right there seriously pretty much spelled your doom. Here is the gag acc formula for that 5 dollar bill (Because its a single cog lure it's calculated first and doesn't take other lures[except other single hit lures hitting the same cog] into account.) -> 20%(I'm assuming the mouse's highest lure gag is a 5 dollar bill) + 60%(5 dollar bill's base acc) + 0%(Because the bamboo cane missed) + -45% = 35% chance of hitting. And because of how single cog lures and multi cog lures work being counted separately yet single cog lures effecting multi cog lures. (Link to a log of a battle debug that showcases that at the end of this.) The 5 dollar missed, your big magnets were automatically set to miss as well. If the 5 dollar had hit, your multi lure would have had its own accuracy calculation, and that may or may not have missed. In that round, there really was only a few half way decent answers. One multi hit lure, two throw or squirt gags to finish off the cogs and the dog tooning up would have sufficed. The dog actually made the correct choice here with the toon-up gag because it would have a chance to stun your lure. Sadly it didn't. Edit: Almost forgot -> Here is the gag calculation if only Bear With Me had used a big magnet alone. (50(his highest gag is hypno) + 60(big magnet prop acc) + 0(Dog's tu missed) + -50(lvl 11's cog def)) = 60% Chance to hit. Sources for the accuracy calculation and and a debug log showcasing how multi-hit lures and single-hit lures intermingle -> https://github.com/QED1224/Toontown-Resources#toon-atk-acc-4 And http://pastebin.com/qGZdyJUB Have a wonderful day!
Bear With Me should've gotten out of there after the first battle. The Mouse was training squirt, and that dog had no reason to be there in the first place. Maybe he was, but 61 laff is the lowest amount of laff you can leave the brrrgh with, it is unlikely that he didnt get any fishing boosts and is trying to be like a 6 gag uber or something. The Purple Duck didnt do much wrong, considering that double magnet is quite fine and increases the rounds of the lure and doesnt lower accuracy MUCH.
Ezekwesili Okonkwo
Doubling the magnet doesn't increase the rounds, it's the same no matter what. All it does is reduces the chances that lure will hit. You are right, the dog had no business being there and it hurts me to say that he did better talking then fighting like a Dead pool gone wrong. And the mouse while training, didn't do squirt has much and if they did combine, it would of not been a problem, now smart trainers will not use gags that danger the team and it's not beneficial to the team. But still, he made poor decisions. The group actually had a chance of making it to the Supervisor but some mistakes to all 4 of them (Dog and Mouse mostly) could doom them all.
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