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Published on Sep 3, 2012

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In this video we are going to change up your training tempo and really focus on doing high quality workouts with very strict and controlled training form to help maximize muscle stimulation.

Rather than counting out your reps like you normally do, I want you to time your sets with a stopwatch and do 60 second long sets.

Now this 60 second set may seem easy enough, except when you realize that an average set of 10-12 reps typically only takes about 30 seconds (or less) to complete.

So with this workout we are literally going to double the average time under tension that you are probably used to doing in your regular workouts. With each rep I want you to use a slow lifting tempo, take about 2-3 seconds to lift the weight. Hold the peak contraction for a couple seconds. And then take 4-5 seconds to lower the weight.

And don't worry, you don't need to worry about being 100% precise with those times. If you mess it up and move a bit faster or slower that's ok. All that really matters is that you maintain CONTROL of the weight and use a slow steady contraction and a slow steady negative with each rep. What I mean by "controlling the weight" is that at any given point during your set you should be able to pause and hold the weight at a dead stop, and then resume moving the weight again. You should not be relying on momentum and speed to help you move the weight.

I recommend starting this workout with about 50-60% of the weight that you would normally use for each exercise. This will allow you to get used to the timing and using the slow controlled lifting form. Then you can adjust the weight accordingly. If you can do 3 sets with 60 seconds time under tension and it feels easy, up the weight by 5-10 pounds for your next workout. And if you can't complete the full 60 second long set then you'll need to lighten up the weight.



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