Kickin' It Fan Fic; Episode 3: Kim's New Crush [Part 2]





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Published on Aug 11, 2011

Part Two:
[After school]

-Bella sees the new kid, Ryan walking over to her-

Bella: Hi, you're the new kid.. Ryan, right?

Ryan: Yeah, how'd you know.

Bella: Oh, well I over-heard the principal talking.

Ryan: Oh.. You wanna show me around?

Bella: Uhh, I can't. Sorry, but I know someone who might.

-Kim walks up to Bella-

Kim: Hey, Bella.. Is this the new kid? Ryan?

Ryan: Yes, I am. And I still need someone to show me around school.

Kim: I can do it.

Bella: I knew you would. I told him I couldn't..

Ryan: So what's your names?

Kim: I'm Kim.. and this is Bella. .. So you ready?

Bella: See you around, you two.. I've got to go find... Uhh, Jack!

Ryan: .. Okay, see ya.

Bella: Byyee..

-Bella leaves and Ryan and Kim take a tour of the school-

Ryan: So, Kim. Who's that Jake kid that Bella was talking about?

Kim: Oh, just a kid we train with.. He's pretty cool.

Ryan: ..And do you like him?

Kim: Uhh, it doesn't even matter. He's dating Bella.

Ryan: Oh, then you're single?

Kim: Yeap.. Totally. Single.

Ryan: So then, maybe do you wanna go on a date sometime?

Kim: Uh, yeah. I'd like that.

[After the tour and after school]

Bella: Hey Kim.. How'd the new kid do after his first day?

Kim: Really well. He asked me out.

Bella: Oooohh, and you said..?

Kim: Yes. I said yes!

Bella: Awe, yay. I'm so happy for you.

Kim: Thanks, but I'm a little nervous..

Bella: Well, what about a double date. Me, Jack, you and Ryan.

Kim: Really? Thanks.. That'd be awesome. Let me talk it over with Ryan.. you talk it over with Jack.

Bella: Okay.. Are we gonna train today?

Kim: Yeah, but I'm going to call Ryan and talk to him.

Bella: Okay. I'll meet you there.

Kim: Okay..

-Bella walks away and runs into Ryan-

Ryan: Sorry.. Do you know where Kim is? Nevermind. She's calling.. Later.

Bella: See ya.

-Jack comes up behind Bella and scares her-

Bella: Well, thanks for scaring me.

Jack: No problem!

Bella: Kim's got a boyfriend.

Jack: Who?

Bella: Ryan, the new kid. She wants to know if we can double date with them so she's not nervous.. Do you want to?

Jack: Sure.. but I'm not sure about this Ryan kid.

Bella: What do you mean?

Jack: Well, they just met and he asked her out. Coincidence? I think not.

Bella: Give it a while. You'll like him.. Everyone does.

Jack: Not me.. Wait everyone? Like you, too?

Bella: No.. Calm down. I like you.. not him. Kay?

Jack: Okay.


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