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Published on Oct 31, 2010

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If you want to order a microtonal guitar, please e-mail me: tolgahanus@yahoo.com. Microtonal guitar is secured by a patent.

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Adjustable Microtonal Guitar has been designed by Tolgahan Cogulu in 2008. In Adjustable Microtonal Guitar, all the frets on the fretboard are movable in the channels under each string. Besides, any number of frets can be inserted into or removed from the fretboard. In designing his Adjustable Microtonal Guitar, Tolgahan Cogulu was inspired by René Lacote's and Walter Vogt's guitars and improved their channel ideas.
Microtonal guitar is the 1st prize winner at 2014 Margaret Guthman Musical Instrument Competition.
For more information: http://www.tolgahancogulu.com/en/

Ayarlanabilir Mikrotonal Gitar, 2008 yılında Tolgahan Çoğulu tarafından tasarlanmıştır. Bu gitarda her telin altında bulunan kanallar aracılığıyla tüm perdeler hareket ettirilebilmektedir. Ayrıca gitar klavyesine istenilen miktarda perde eklenip çıkarılabilir. Daha fazla bilgi için: http://www.tolgahancogulu.com

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Bryan Yep
Pinned by Tolgahan Çoğulu
Too many ignorant people saying this is disgusting - barbaric, the equal temperament is totally artificial, this guy is proving the quality of other more natural temperaments, like pythagorean or temperaments from middle east. Now, if you're gonna say this sounds disgusting, you could at least say why. It's probably because you've listen to equal tempered music your whole entire life, and nothing else. Think at least once before you post that kind of comments.
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Bryan Yep Who cares what they say, most people are idiots anyway.
Neel 2000
Does it djent?
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John Malcolm
A fine player here presents an excellent and varied coverage of microtonal music for guitar. He knows what he is talking about and his presentation is entirely unpretentious and to the point, with all the technical information you could want.
Mark Merrick
You sir are a genius. Thanks for working this out. I have been studying just tuning and micro-tonal systems and it's great to see you have worked out the guitar design I have been dreaming about.
giorgio mazzone
in a messy web landscape of assorted guitar crazyness , i think your musicality, research, culture, arrangements ,and overall technique are really outstanding. It was a  pleasure listening to your video, going for the next.  thankyou, and all the best , Ciao.
Roman Parfenov
7:38 Meshuggah-Demiurge
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Tolgahan Çoğulu
Isaac Alves cool mix :)
Isaac Alves
feels nice when meshuggah, aphex twin and microtonal adjustable guitars meet together
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Colebrook Productions
This changes everything
Tunç Vidinli
+Stinky McGoober It does when you want to play traditional Turkish music.
Stinky McGoober
No it doesn't.
The technique you used around the 8:27 mark blew my mind. What was that?
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sounds like something from a Witcher game
Billie Lee Ñan
I think i've seen that in flamenco style playing been called inverted or upwards fan, it's a lot harder to get than the standard downwards fan
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Saúl Espinoza
I am here to complain about one thing......... The echo in the room is horrible !!!.. Your voice is barely audible... I love the guitar though !!!...
Saúl Espinoza
Ha Ha don't worry I was just being a jerk... Seriously though, that is an impressive guitar... Plus, you're very good at playing it as well !!!...
Tolgahan Çoğulu
+Saúl Espinoza Yes, you are right. the video quality should have been much better
Scott Wallace
Bravo.  As a fellow musician and instrumentmaker (mostly medieval harps) and also someone interested in tunings, I congratulate you on your instrument and your playing.  Teşekkür ederim. cheers from sunny Vienna.
Benjamin Hutchinson
If this can produce a smooth string bend (I don't think it can) it would be better than the True Temperament fret system. Really clever design actually, I'm impressed! 
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kha sab
+OfArgento Which I had not heard of. It was therefore a perfectly understandable misinterpretation by me. I don't need some you tube FUCKWIT swearing at me about it. Moron.  Stick to your single note distorted shredding ego trip and leave the real music to us.
+kha sab True temperament is just the name of the company you dense fuck.
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