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Published on Nov 21, 2010

"Don't you dare cum until I say you can." Nick hissed then lightly bit and licked Joe's earlobe. He then started to slowly descend down Joe's body and kissing every new patch of skin. Nick stopped right before he hit Joe's member and started sucking on Joe's hip-bone. After leaving a sizable mark, Nick moved down so he was eye level with Joe's cock. He couldn't wait any longer so he stuck his tongue out and ran it across the slit lightly. Joe would shudder every time Nick would lick him and he leaked pre-cum after. Nick swallowed it but then spit in his hand and started to slick up Joe's cock.

"Damn it Nicky!" Joe panted as he rocked his hips with Nick's hand. Nick would start at the base and then he slowly moved up, making sure his thumb would brush the slit. Not stopping his movement Nick moved up Joe's body and pecked his lips.

"I'm going to ride you so good baby." Nick told Joe. He then grabbed Joe's member and lined it up with his entrance. Joe couldn't wait for the friction so he thrusted balls deep into Nick.

"Ahh!" They both screamed in pleasure. Nick places both of his hands on Joe's pecks to balance himself while Joe's hands went to Nick's waist. Nick slowly rose then slammed down onto Joe's cock.

"So tight even after I fucked you. I love fucking you." Joe said with pants of pleasure.

"Shit! You're the best sex I've ever had." Nick breathed out. Every time he slammed down he would rotate his hips.

"Ugh! You like that Nicky? You're such fucking cock whore." Joe thrusted up when Nick dropped down on him.

"Holyfuckingshit!"Nick exclaimed. "Right there, baby. Right there!" Nick held up his weight and let Joe thrust into him repeatedly. Nick would pant and moan for Joe to go faster and harder and Joe would follow every order.

"Ugh! Nicky, I'm gonna cum." Joe said while thrusting faster into Nick.

"No you're not! Not until I fucking say so!" Nick grunted while stretching his neck forward and glaring at Joe. Joe then gripped Nick's waist tightly and stopped all his movement. Before Nick could protest Joe flipped them so Nick was under him.

"Tell me when then. Tell me fucking when Nicky." Joe hissed through clenched teeth. He placed his hands on either side of Nick's head. His wrists connected with Nick's shoulders so when Joe would thrust Nick would not move an inch and take all of Joe into him. With each thrust Joe would hit Nick's sensitive spot and not long after Nick reached his release.

"Fuck!" Nick screamed when he hit his climax. The first squirt landed in Joe's awaiting mouth and he moaned at the taste when he swallowed. The next to squirts landed on Joe's chest and stomach.

"Now Joey!" Right as those words left Nick's mouth Joe came. And he came hard, so hard it started to spill out of Nick without removing himself. Nick experimentally started clenching and milked him until his cock became highly sensitive.

"Now lick it up." Nick said while grabbed the back of his knees and pulling his legs back to give Joe better access. "But don't swallow or mess mine up." Joe slightly nodded, got down on his knees, and made sure his stomach didn't touch the dirty floor. Joe put his right hand to the small of Nick's back and rose his ass up in the air. Joe Started from the beginning of Nick's crease, that a dribble of cum leaked out, and all the way to his ball sack. Joe then went back down to Nick's pucker and darted his tongue inside, licking the walls, making sure he gets every single drop of cum. Nick started to moan until Joe finished, plated a kiss to Nick's left butt cheek, and sat on his calves.

"Lay down." Nick told him again. "Remember don't swallow." Nick then let go of his legs and started to slowly crawl up Joe's body. When Nick got to Joe's cock he ran his tongue gently along the top which caused Joe to shudder and moan. Nick then made his way up Joe's stomach and chest making sure not to leave any cum was left. Once Nick touched Joe's lips with his Joe automatically opened his mouth.

"Mmm." Joe moaned at the taste both of their cum's make when they're mixed together. Nick's has a sweet taste to it and Joe's is a little salty. Joe, though, wouldn't change it for the world because he loved it. Occasionally Nick's warm tongue would come in contact with his and he moaned every time. His cock started to harden again and felt as if it was the same thing with Nick. After a minute or two Nick pulled away with a loud smack and both boys swallowed their portion without a problem.

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