Best Carlsbad Gap Montage Ever Made





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Published on Nov 4, 2010

R.I.P. Carlsbad - http://tinyurl.com/ripcarlsbad


Sorry the name is so cocky haha, I did it to get more views.

This is probably the last montage of pro tricks I will ever make, so dont subscribe unless you like the videos of me skating (check them out! Or don't and make me sad)

Who?/What trick? (in order of appearance)

Kris Markovich - kickflip
Andrew Reynolds - fakie backside flip
Jeremy Wray - frontside 360
Nick Merlino - switch kickflip
Shaan Harris - kickflip roastbeef
Jeremy Wray - switch backside 180
Jordan Hoffart - varial heelflip
Jeremy Wray - backside 180 heelflip
Dave Coyne - Ollie fingerflip
Jeremy Wray - line ending with frontside flip
Trainwreck - backside 180 kickflip
Chris Lambert - fakie ollie
Alphonso Rawls- frontside lipslide
Dakota Servold - frontside 50-50
Nick Merlino - nollie backside boardslide
Alphonso Rawls - frontside 50-50
Dakota Servold - frontside nosegrind
Dakota Servold - frontside feeble
Nick Merlino - backside lipslide
Josh Kasper - line ending in heelflip
Moose - kickflip
Moose - frontside 180 kickflip
Danny Way - nollie
Johnny Layton - switch tre flip
Tony Cervantes - airwalk
Silent Mike - double kickflip over rail
Erik Ellington - backside bigspin
Anthony Williams - frontside pop shuvit
Josh Kasper - heelflip over rail
Tom Penny - switch frontside 180 kickflip
Brandon Turner - switch hardflip
Lindsey Roberston - heelflip
Lindsey Roberston - backside 180 heelflip
Josh Kasper - tre flip
Andrew Reynolds - caballerial (fakie frontside 360)
Nick Fiorini - nollie flip
Johhny Layton - tuck knee
Josh Kasper - heelfip indy
Josh Kasper - tre flip behihana
Cody Mcentire - line ending in nollie backside bigspin
Josh Kasper - impossible
Jeremy Wray - fakie backside 180
Andrew Reynlods - switch pop shuvit
Nick Fiorini - tre flip over rail
Evan Smith - nosegrab tweak
Billy Marks - kickflip roastbeef
Ernie Torres - backside 360
Andrew Reynolds - switch backside 180 heelflip
Moose - nollie frontside 180 kickflip
Andrew Reynolds - nollie caballerial (nollie frontside 360)
Nick Merlino - frontside 180 kickflip over rail
? - pop shuvit tail grab
Devine Colloway - switch frontside bigspin
Zach Cotter - tuck knee
Nick Merlino - switch heelflip
Adrian Gepart - inward heelflip
Albert Mardrid - switch frontside 360 boneless
Furby - nollie backside 180 heelflip
Jimmy Carlin - double kickflip
Chris Cole - switch frontside 180 heelflip
Tyler Bledsoe - bigflip
Sean Malto - hardflip
Shane O' Neill - 360 pop shuvit
Billy Marks - switch big heel
Antwuan Dixon - nollie heelflip
Clint Walker - ollie frontside body varial
Billy Marks - nollie inward heelflip
Jim Greco - switch kickflip
Terrel Robinson - switch varial heelflip
? - heelflip indy
Cody McEntire - nollie big heel
Chris Cole - backside 360 kickflip

If you know who did any of the tricks I listed with a "?" as the skater tell me.


0:23 - 0:44, White Room by Cream
0:46 - 4:23, Harder Than You Think by Public Enemy
4:24 - 4:35, Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd
4:36 - 7:14, I'd Wait A Million Years by The Grass Roots


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