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Published on Sep 17, 2012

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney told a small group of wealthy contributors what he truly thinks of all the voters who support President Barack Obama. He dismissed these Americans as freeloaders who pay no taxes, who don't assume responsibility for their lives, and who think government should take care of them.

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The sad part is that everything Mitt Romney said here is true. 1.) a good chunk of the country views the government as the source of their prosperity 2.) 47% of Americans don't pay income tax. So the idea of lowering taxes doesn't appeal to them. 3.) People do vote based on emotions. 
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Robert Barzini
2nd most? "The federal government scams workers by placing the Social Security fund within the federal budget, as if it were merely a part of the revenue stream. Social Security is not an "entitlement program" paid for by government taxes. It is a completely separate program with its own revenue stream and retiree payments. Social Security is paid for by employees and employers, as is Medicare. The benefits provided by Social Security are earned, not bestowed by the government. None of the Social Security funds can legally be "borrowed" by the federal government" and? "The Social Security Administration is an independent federal agency with its own revenue stream and depository fund: IT IS NOT A PART OF THE FEDERAL BUDGET! On March 31, 1995, the Social Security Administration was officially designated as an independent agency. The Federal Old-Age and Survivors Insurance (OASI) Trust Fund was established on January 1, 1940 as a separate account in the United States Treasury.".See what a little reading can do for you? ;) smh
Robert Barzini
hey jackass? those he speaks of? Are the disabled and the Elders. In which the elders have worked their entire life for "Social Security". The disabled? Either by their taxes THEY paid into, or they go by the next of kin and how much they paid in taxes. Social Security isn't FREE. You have to WORK FOR IT!!! But some how? That 4% or 10% feel they should be getting it, simply because they are more Financially Fit. It would be nice if you knew WTF he was talking about and just how the Tax laws go. Educate yourself Junior.
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Lol, I don't understand why Romney got so much hate for a comment that is correct.  This 47% statement is completely true! We have too many people who are dependent on the government, and if we have a candidate who calls them out (like Romney did) they will boo him and vote against him.  People need a reality check
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R0bDC ...thanks for your comments which actually is right on the nail...your question as to "why" was Romney victimized and politically assaulted. ...the answer is simple...the media (85%) is to the political left...this video was THE Christmas gift they needed to take out Romney at the knees and give Obama the election on a silver platter....the lowlife mongrel who video taped this on his phone is Scott Proudty, a bartender who had a personal beef with Romney because he felt "disrespected" ....because he didn't say thank you after serving Romney a Diet Coke. ...in my opinion, it's a miracle nobody took out Proudty with a Rocket launcher in his home...it seems that in today's world, everybody and their whore of a mother on the political LEFT uses a phone camera to record exerts of a recording to promote their agenda. ...ask Andrea Mitchell, who got caught that year on another video. ...I guess the greatest invention that can in NEED today, would be the use of a device that would NEUTRALIZE cameras within a 500 feet radius by sending a frequency to render them useless (temporarily)...in sure the military is working on this. ..I know I'd be on ....pronto
Mimi Brown
No, its because they dont have enough facilities to go round
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Been a while since the last time I've seen this clip. Mitt is actually spot-on, and I don't blame the non-tax payers for not voting for him. This is beauty of democracy; you can appoint a person who is going to pay for the bills.
Dumbocracy is stupid and the founding fathers knew this. Democracy always leads to the same place, the mindless, lazy masses voting to steal from a productive few.
+styzoom haha, thought the same thing. Hadn't seen it since it first happened and now I totally see where he's coming from
Mitt is correct and worse is when voters make up more than 51%. That 51% will vote a budget that bankrupts us like Rome!
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+cutwagman If you want stable families you need to erase the incentive for women to destroy them. 70+% of them initiate divorce and we don't know how many marriages are unhappy hells for the husbands so there's that. Women have no reason to stay with a man long term. If a woman likes you these days especially if you're broke you're the equivalent of a video game. That's not the lasting power that's required to raise kids. We literally can't tackle any serious issues until we address how we got here. The fraction of a second women got voting rights. Spending in that state skyrocketed. I know this is a sensitive topic because when it comes to women, otherwise intelligent, well reasoned, productive men revert into protective apes(can't blame them) but even though I love my gf, I still see her as an enemy simply because at anytime and for any reason I can be screwed and not in the fun way.
+ProjectLDV If I agreed with you or not I knew you would speak intelligently on the matter. The influence of women in our culture is complex. Too big of a subject to speak of on a post. I see a war of good and evil as the driving factor more than anything to do with women without trying to diminish your point. I recognized the emotional self gratification effect long ago. I also see the escapism of sports and entertainment. There needs to be more moderation in society without losing the things that do make life fun and exciting. It could easily be corrected with glorifying the intact family of a Mom and Dad and one stay at home parent. Joined with proper reinforcement in schools and we could make progress through returning to older traditions.
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Candice VS. Candice
I'd like to take the time to thank the person who filmed and leaked this video. This leaked video was the condom of Romney's chance of ever being president.
He's not wrong. You are probably part of that 47% and can't face the truth.
He's right and him not being president is why this country is a mess right now.
47 Percent vs Basket Of Deplorables my god
Just shows Romney is an out of touch elitist!
No no no don't vote for Donald trump he's wacko
Michael Pierce
+Scruff Romney said Don't vote for Donald. If anything we should vote for him if its exactly the opposite of Mitt "47%" Romney wants.
I pay taxes.  I support the social policy of Entitlements.  
David Johnson
You're talking about retired elderly, soldiers, and hard workers who simply don't make enough to qualify for federal income tax even though they pay all sorts of other taxes. The welfare takers make up less than one-tenth of that 47%. So, no, Mitt Romney is not correct here. Where is your proof that these people "believe gov't should pay for everything". That's absurd. Plus, a lot of those 47% are Republicans who voted for Romney!
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