Ready As I'll Ever Be [Miraculous Ladybug Animatic]





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Published on Apr 17, 2019



*comes back almost two years later without candy store and into a new fandom*

So... I have a few reasons (invalid excuses) as to why I didn't make/finish candy store, namely:
1. I'm a girl in a world in which my only job is to jk--
2. (or #1 for real) i got lazy
3. i just felt as if i had nothing to contribute to that set of animatics anymore like it was so popular and literally everyone already animated their own concepts for it and i just don't have a unique idea that would actually warrant me to make an animatic out of it?? like i wouldn't contribute anything there??? something like that. idk tho so im sorry bc i suck at commitments and never again will i make such a promise
4. school started and I decided to take a break after the monster that was my "beautiful animatic"
that break turned into a 2-year absence my bad oof

p.s. tho if i get a eureka moment and find an idea for it that hasn't been done before, then i'd be down to make an animatic. right now tho? not that into it and im sorry.
although i did start on a 19 second intro if anyone wants to see that along with my other unfinished failures lmao (if u do want to see my unfinished failures of an animatic comment "aye lmao" lol)

plus admittedly im more into sad emotional belting songs than bangers so i guess i just didn't feel like it?

So im so very sorry to everyone who hoped to see candy store from me... i really am sorry and I hope this animatic makes up for it? I sincerely hope you forgive me.

EDIT: maybe ill do candy store after all.
Programs used: Paint Tool Sai & Adobe Premiere Pro CS6
Number of frames (or Pictures in MY case): Around 229
Work duration: 1 week or so
Song: Ready As I'll Ever Be from Tangled: The Series
DISCLAIMER: Only the pictures/animatic itself is mine. The song belongs to Disney from the Tangled series.
Edit: Just found out how to add captions or approve of them. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the captions!

this animatic was the longest 2 minutes of my life, heavens i literally need a break. maybe another 2-year break? lmao

i hope no one gets confused. i basically rode off the idea (which was apparently confirmed) that miraculous holders could use more than one miraculous and since i don't think anyone else did it so....

in fairness, however, i also didn't realize that apparently everyone else had already done an animatic of this song for miraculous ladybug but i was already in too deep when i realized and just didn't want to waste the effort.

also pls excuse the google translate french at the beginning i rly have no clue about French. i dont do duolingo (God help me)

*notes (in case anyone gets confused):*
=Adrien coughs out blood bc apparently the peacock miraculous is damaged and did take a toll on Natalie in that one episode so if he used that with the butterfly and cat miraculouses it might wound him
=His costume is legit just a combination of Hawkmoth and Mayura's costumes so im sorry if it looks like crap
=The weapon i gave him was a swordstaff thing and that peacock like thing on his left arm is supposed to be a shield attached to his glove
=His eyes aren't actually pinkish red theyre just for effect
=if you didn't know: Ladybug is Dragon Bug in here, based off the design they released (i think they combined the ladybug and the dragon miraculous?); Luka is the bluish green guy and his hero name is Viperion if im not wrong.
=the reason Adrien turns evil is sort of hidden in the newspapers at the beginning which basically say stuff along the lines of "hawk moth identity revealed: gabriel agreste)", "hawk moth put down by ladybug", "gabriel agreste hospitalized" -- Adrien basically turns to the bad side for the sake of family
=in this au they have already revealed each other's identities so Adrien knows marinette is ladybug and kidnaps her mother to hold her hostage
=(not a note but) lmao for some odd reason i just randomly started shipping chloe and luka in the middle of making this animatic wth is wrong with me lmao
=another not note: im sorry if im not typing properly/"professionally" its legit 1 AM here good night folks

if you reached the end of this long ass description, comment "O kawaii koto" hehehe.


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