Raw Eggs 4 Muscle Gain? - Bodybuilding, bulking, and drinking egg





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Published on Feb 27, 2012

Does cooking an egg ruin the protein? Are raw eggs dangerous? Does drinking raw eggs help you gain muscle? This video takes a look at these questions.

Lets first start by examining if cooking ruins the egg protein. The following data is from nutritiondata.com you can look it up if you want. Here are the protein quality ratings for raw eggs and eggs cooked in a variety of methods. The higher the number, the higher the quality. A raw egg has a score of 136 and a cooked egg has a score of 137

So what you see is that some truth to the statement that cooking ruins the protien in an egg, but it depends on HOW they are cooked. Poaching actually IMPROVES the protein quality over a raw egg. A fried egg has the same quality as a raw egg. Only hardboiling and scrambling lowers the protein quality and this is probably because of the longer cooking time when the eggs hardboiled or scrambled.

So there you have it, a poached egg has higher quality protein than a raw egg so if you are concerned about getting the highest quality protein to build muscles then poach your egg.

Now lets look at the safety aspect of raw eggs. People say all the time that they have been eating raw eggs for years without problem. Its russian roulette. Back in August of 2010, 380 MILLION eggs were recalled because nearly 2000 people got sick from salmonella contaminated eggs. Getting sick from Salmonella can seriously set back your bodybuilding progress 6 months so why take the chance - PLEASE COOK YOUR EGGS!

Now lets look at the last question - Does drinking raw eggs help you gain muscle? You build muscle by doing resistance training, sleeping enough, and getting proper nutrition. Part of proper nutrition is getting enough protien but as long as the protein is of high quality it doesnt matter where it comes from. If you are doing everything else right, yes eating an egg will help you gain muscle but no more than a piece of chicken breast or a can of tuna. There is nothing magical about drinking eggs, just because something is GROSS and disgusting doesnt make it better for you.
So frying an egg does NOT ruin the protein. In fact, poaching an egg actually IMPROVES the protein quality. Cooking your egg also eliminates the chance of getting very sick from salmonella, so PLEASE, cook your eggs.


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