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    Smiley Chris - Life is Unfair (Election Fraud 2012 Rap)

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    Ron Paul Ad: Finally Taking Out Mitt Romney (NEW)

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    Lupe Fiasco, MLK, and Cornell West RANT about King Obama! "Wisdom, Justice, and Love" by Linkin Park

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    Ron Paul's "Racist Writings" DEBUNKED. Real Author: James B. Powell (Revised Version) MUST SEE HD

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    Ron Paul's "Racist Writings" DEBUNKED. Real Author: James B. Powell exposed by Ben Swann & TMOT

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    "America's Choice: Liberty or Death?! (Ron Paul 2012 Rap Song)" by Smiley Chris MUST SEE HD!!!!

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    Ron Paul Fights Back Against the Washington Machine (with Chris and Brian Halton)

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    The Good Doctor Ronald Earnest Paul

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    Ron Paul "We should be Israel's best friend"

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    Donald Trump on ABC Debate against Ron Paul... AGAIN

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    Bill O'Reilly: "I Will Donate $1000 to Wounded Warriors if Ron Paul wins THE VIRGIN ISLANDS"

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    Happy Birthday Mom!!!

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    Smiley Chris - We've Got A War to Fight

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    Words From The NEW WORLD ORDER (Part 1)

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    "Conspiracy Theory" with Jesse Ventura (ON CABLE TV!!! MUST SEE TV!!!)

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    "Truth about the Swine Flu Shot" (Part 2) Things You Should Know But Probably Don't

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    Swine Flu Shot "Things You Should Know, But Probably Don't"

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    Happy 50th Birthday Dad (Kevin Halton)

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    Smiley Chris - All The Above (Remix) ft. New Yorks Finest

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    Smiley Chris - The 2012 Flood