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Published on Aug 14, 2011

Collecting a swarm from a Bushkill Swarm Trap

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@Tony Mercer -  I move them into a nuc because I find colonies build up faster and strong vertical than they do horizontal.  I typically go 3 to 4 nuc boxes high before moving them into 10 frame equipment.
Tony Mercer
Why did you move them into a nuc? There was a TON of bees there, why not just move them into a standard hive body?
Residential areas treat me better than other areas. 95% or more of my swarms are lured into boxes in residential areas. I think it's all those 2nd year beekeepers who start doing swarm control (if at all) a month after swam season begins. I also put a few swarm lures in the hills in areas where I hope to get more feral stock.
I just pick mine up, as is, at dusk and drive it 10 miles to the outyard. If I expect trouble, I put on a beesuit and put a 55 gal trash bag over the trap during transport.
Rob Overton
Either put a piece of #8 hardware cloth over the entrance, or if they are clustering on the outside because of heat, I screw a 1" shim box (~8x8 or so) with #8 screen over that. Moving at night assures most of the bees are in the box.
Scott Hildenbrand
So how do you go about transporting a successful trap from point A to point B? 
Nice catch... I just took home swarm #16 for the year... Six more and I'll be tied for last year... This is year # 3 of swarm trapping... About 4 of my swarms have been "phone call swarms"...The rest have been from the lures and bait hives... One way to know if the bees have moved in (other than watching for pollen) is if you see a Drone fly in... :) 
Really appreciate your videos especially since I have been thinking of trapping..also love the BeeVac idea and am happy that people like you and JP do the work much needed to secure the survival of declining bee populations. A big thanks to you! :O) Kees
@bushkillfarms I use foundationless wedge style frames. I snap off the wedge, then turn it 90 degrees to make a lip and glue it back. The bees have always built comb dead center in the frame off that lip. I also try to throw in 1 black old frame in there for smell, too. I do think you need to make it 8 frames. The quick way is to buy 8 frame deeps, slap on top and bottom and screw on a hangboard.
@OutOfaBlueSky Yes, after watching your videos, I think that is the case. I'm contemplating making the boxes 15" deep which equates to ~35L and still make them 5 frames. If I give them 1 comb frame and 4 foundationless, they should have enough room until I get to them. Worse case they will draw comb off the bottom of the frames. Sound reasonable? Or am I being too cheap and should just go for the extra frames? - Rob 
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