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Published on Sep 5, 2012

If you're unfamiliar, Homestuck is a webcomic created Andrew Hussie that is over 5000 PAGES so far! And it's still not complete!! It has a strong cult following, even though it presents incredible challenges to its readers; including a giant cast of characters, huge walls of text, and animated flash games that you must beat in order to continue. In in its own weird way, Homestuck is a lot like James Joyce's Ulysses, where only the strongest, most dedicated readers make it through to the end. Most people don't expect such expansive and daunting works to find a home on the internet, but Homestuck has done it, illustrating that its followers' time and effort may actually enhance rather than lessen their devotion.

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Fiona Schaffzin
Is anyone else watching all of the old Homestuck videos because your life is now over.
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randomgirl L
I had a really hard time getting into homestuck until I found a read through of it. The time shinnagens are so brain melting... I just imagine Husse has like a time line that he created to keep track of it himself... :I   I love things that make me really have to think and figure them out. That's why I like shows like Gravity Falls and Adventure Time. They have small hidden things that need to be figured out. It's also a great way to form community around a work. Everyone works together to try and figure it out.
Terezi Pyrope
1 F3LT L1K3 1 H4D T0 C0MM3NT
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Fang Cipher
Homestuck is the grand messiah of the Internet
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Craig Kuhlman
Effort Justification, you say? Sounds like the Souls games
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Isabella Templin
trust me homestuck Is worth it, but when you get pulled in your addicted
To those of you who want to get into Homestuck but don't want to read that much- colabHQ is doing a reading of it, and it's really top notch! You get the same information as if you were reading it yourself, but without all the reading.
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Fortunate 13
I constantly crave stories whose endings aren't unravel-able once you get to a certain point. Many stories now-a-days fall under predictable occurrences, and a story that challenges this is greatly wanted by me, as well as I think most of us, who have fawned over all these "similar but not quite" story lines most of our lives. A challenge would be appreciated, because I hope it means I will not expect the ending on page 10,000 when I am just on page 7,000. Thank you very much.
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Katie Rush
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Emma TheAwesome
Correction: He can kill your favorite characters, then bring them back, then kill them again and repeat.

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