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Published on Apr 21, 2012

This video is a compliation of many battle videos listed in Smogon's thread for International Challenge competition for Pokémon Black and White. This was hosted via WiFi using the doubles format, with all Pokémon but ubers and event legendaries only (and the rediculously powerful and obviously banned for life, Chatot). Enjoy!

List below is music used, along with battle details and time locations. I've included descriptions, but had to trim some due to length.

0:05 R Inanimate: Despite it QCing me again later on to hit my Abomasnow with Fire Blast, I somehow win by connecting with all my Blizzards in the Sandstorm. somehow their Metagross died to 2 Blizzards.
1:36 soul_survivor: I just had a battle that after rewatching it i didn't realize I nearly perfectly predicted him after getting parahaxed turn1 ruining my strategy. Im quite tired and almost fell asleep during this match but managed
to pull a pretty wow 4-0.
3:55 R Inanimate: Now imagine losing due to similar degrees of bad luck about 4 more times, and you get what I feel for the past 4 hours or so.
6:07 Havak: One of my games from earlier today. I should save more but I just wanted to keep playing D: Enjoy!
8:36 Havak: It doesn't even seem like major hax and I could be wrong since I haven't watched it back yet... But at the time it was literally like every time I was about to KO his Metagross I would suffer some kind of misfortune that meant he survived and I just couldn't beat him. The critical hit Bullet Punch was also REALLY lame!
13:17 PenguinX: Me vs Havak; My only loss of the tournament so far. We both played pretty terribly, with big misplays on turns 1 and 2 by me. I have no idea why I protected with Metagross on turn 1; I have never done that on PO before vs TopCress leads. I tend to just double target Hitmontop with Metagross and Rotom-H, so I really have no idea what I was thinking there.
16:19 Havak: Also here's me vs iss
18:39 Sol64: Closest battle, yet. Literally had me breathing a bit.
21:32 R Inanimate: Managed to break past the 1800 mark by defeating a 1721 rated Japanese Player named Shigeru which turned out to be a pretty tough battle. I've been doing pretty well so far today, with my only loss today to my good old friend, Scarf Terrakion, and even then it was due to the opponent pulling a consecutive protect to stall out my Tailwind so they could Final Gambit KO my Garchomp.
24:19 ShortsTheory: Just played an incredible match against some Jap dude who loves spamming dragons. He had a rating of a 100 points more than me, but hax was in my favor, and I won it 2-0.
28:02 R Inanimate: Another sign for me to call it a day is right here. What a battle...
31:39 Nickscor
34:41 Biosci
39:41 Biosci
42:00 Biosci
44:22 PungentFruit: Just had an abosolutely AMAZING battle versus a Japanese player! Just watch it, you'll be in awe ;D
49:09 Havak
52:09 Havak
54:26 Sol64: Just had a match against D.hayes from america, misplayed one turn where he didn't attack my yanmega while i protected, tyranitar was an obvious protect bait considering I just revealed a fighting move. Managed to take out his chomp with an ice beam despite yache counter. And then eventually beat down his TTar, overall gg's
57:01 Sol64: Just faced a japanese girl trying to use a cresselia-safeguard-swagger set up which backfired quite heavily as my thunderbolt gem countered her wacan berry on a gyrados resulting in a failed swagger move. She seemed like she was thinking very hard to win but my team was too strong for hers. It's nice doing a crap load to a Cress considering her godamn bulk, did a sort of misplay by not switching out Ludi for toad infront of HTop but all is good and I 2-0'd her. Pretty good games.
59:46 Nickscor
1:02:12 Hozu: Been having a rough time with losses for the last couple of battles so this thing decides to give me an opponent with 200 more rating points than me. And this happens... (Snowsni)
1:04:17 R Inanimate
1:09:08 NidoRich: Oh yeah close match between me and Showsni (a rematch from top8 UK) a crit near the end kinda messes the battle up though.

Music Credits...
Most of these guys are on YouTube somewhere. Go check our their channels!
0:05 Pokemon BW Trainer - PokeRemixStudio
3:45 Out of Antidote (Viridian Forest) - Cerrax - OCRemix (The Missingno Tracks)
7:27 Pokemon RBY Trainer - PokeRemixStudio
12:05 Divine Olivine (Voilet City) - Chrono, DragonAvenger - OCRemix (The Missingno Tracks)
16:21 Pokemon RSE - Abandoned Ship - PokeRemixStudio
20:23 Pokemon DPP Snowpoint City - PokeRemixStudio
23:56 Pokemon RSE Trainer - PokeRemixStudio
28:51 RSE Champion (2nd remix) - AquaDeepBasin (Sonicwave1000)
28:51 Madness on Coronet - TheGuitahHeroe - OCRemix
37:03 Team Plasma - AquaDeepBasin (Sonicwave1000)
43:11 LAST BATTLE - Nn mix [Decisive Battle! N] - dragonshadow2607
59:38 Ghetsis Battle - Sonicwave1000
1:07:49 Battle for the Badge (Battle vs Gym Leader) - Fishy - OCRemix (The Missingno Tracks)

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