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Published on Oct 13, 2009

This video shows a confession of Todd and Jessa Bentley, they confessed that they have sinned.

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Angel Lady
I will not ever watch anything to do with Morningstar Ministry again! This is a making a travesty of God's holy word. How dare they compare Todd Bentley and his floozie to David in the bible. Also to confess the sin but to still be sinning (by God's eyes he is still married to his real wife,) and for the ministry to let him and HER get behind the pulpit is not right! SHE had a dream with (Oral Roberts) so she could tell of a revival!!! Your whole ministry is/has gone straight to Satan. I will tell everyone in everyway I can about your demon filled ministry. Todd and Jessa was very much possessed by demons when she told her little Oral Roberts story!!!! You are not of God doing this. You need to really repent and get all of the evil away from your ministry!!!
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James Verner
Todd should walk away from Jessa and return to his wife and family. Yes, Angel Lady is correct on that one. This confession is a farce if Todd remains in the union with Jessa. James
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You cannot repent & get forgiveness from a sin that you continue to live in. As long as Todd & Jessa are married, and Todd does not return to his real wife & family, He & Jessa are living in continual sin and cannot be forgiven by GOD. Fact. Mark 10:11 or Luke 16:18. They need to truly repent. Not my words but GOD's Word. PeaceB2All
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Terica Duncan
+1hiltonball c
I am so tired of so called Christians using scripture, especially OT, to try and force conformity to a law that was not even give to Gentiles. In this life, there is always a consequence for sin, however, for those in Christ, he has become our righteousness and that is what should bring us joy, peace and love for our fellow man. The Gospel is soooo simple yet it is man that tries to make it difficult to understand with stupid rules and laws that no longer apply. Until the church accepts this, it is going nowhere! Give me grace over rules any day!
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Gibson Weasel
It was wrong, big smile 
+Gibson Weasel yeah, right....i can see the repentance and sorrow written all over her face. (NOT) And for the records, if they actually had repented he would have left his mistress and remained single, and work on reconciliation with his original wife. The comparison with David and Bethsheba is really not appropriate here. Betsheba was widowed, and coming out of an audlterous relationship no one would have married her (but rather she would have been stoned to death). David was responsible for her adultery (after seeing her on the roof he sent people to call her to his palace). He "had" to keep her with him. Because she had no chance to survive back in the day. But Todd and Jessa??? WTF? did you repent? then get your hands off of a married man, and allow him to reconcile with his wife!!!
I stopped watching all of these people along time ago! God has delivered me from this false movement. I'm out, once and for all! I can't thank God enough! I mean that in every since of humility, because I was so deceived!
KnockEM BlaKjaK
Wow! Well, No more Rick Joiner for me. Not that I listen to him anyway. This is a freak show! The Gospel of Jesus Christ has never been presented by a lower class of snakes than these. How could anyone follow this guy? To follow him, he must be a leader. He is more of a monster. I entertained watching a video of his a year or so ago, because I saw he was a freak show, and within 2 minutes, he said something completely off the wall. He was turned off immediately. Thank you God for discernment!
Chellios RGS
WHAT IS RICK DOING! this guy bentley is covered in tattoos n gets more tats as time goes on, he is a worldly JACK ASS living in adultery, disowned his kids(DEADBEAT) his wife is as fake as they get, but rick is helping him? whitewash tombs full of deadmans bones! FAKE FAKE FAKE
Warwick Bruce
Your marriage is not recognised by God todd.You're still committing adultery an you know it.
Rehoboth Kids Ministry RKM
a restoration without repentance is cheap grace...They are satisfied by their justification and they think God also works according to their way. on the Day ...God will strip off them naked
All these goody=goody Christians condemning these two people but I seem to remember Jesus saying he that is without sin cast the first stone. This is the problem with modern day Christianity - too much condemnation of people and not enough love and compassion shown by these hypocrites. Thank God I left organised religion - it stinks. No wonder the world hates christian and the church! By the way, i don't listen to Todd Bentley so I have no agenda on his behalf. I am just sick and tired of religion and Christians who love to condemn other people mainly to make themselves feel better about themselves because the majority of Christians know nothing about the Fathers heart and his love for us - no matter what we have done or do. Jesus has paid the price for our sin, end of!
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+zanmirrob LOL
+1hiltonball You obviously haven't read your Bible enough otherwise you would well know what Adultery is and that this Todd Bentley and his partner are committing it! If you think that we should not preach against sin then you don't know the Bible from a bale of hay! Being saved is not a licence to sin without repercussions! I don't know what church you attend or who your preacher is but you want to get out of it as fast as you can if they teach this antichrist heresy.
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Full of satan.
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