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Published on Jun 29, 2012

Details beneath lyrics

Walk around with my head down I am thinking
No solace from bottle of rum that I am drinking
Wait for you to see through the haze you're in
Don't know when until then I'll keep the bottle pourin'

Not long ago when I awoke I sang a sweet tune
My life a dream our love supreme feeling immune
Touch so sweet I'd feel the beat of the melody
With you gone perfect song is all out of key

It's about time I figured out

Never thought I'd be caught unguarded
Other lips other hips don't get me started
Try a song but it's all wrong on the radio
All the same no escape from below

Reminisce the kiss I'm missing
Wonder why it's not mine I am sitting
All alone at home searching for clues
Lying awake afraid to take steps overdue

It's about time that I figured
Time I figured out

And my therapist says
Carpe Diem
It helps to forget
But I still feel numb

Bottles clink the drinks are splashing
Better soon be through I'm crashing
One more thing before I wring dry
Can I have just one last kiss goodbye

It's about time that I figured out.
Time I figured out

This is yet another song that I buggered to the point of disdain with my remedial mixing capabilities. Mike from channel doctorcastille sent over some truly great bass, drums, vocals, guitar and piano tracks, but so much of it was buried due to my horrendous orchestration.

Well, after learning a great deal about production while corraling "Pangaea" and a couple new ones not uploaded yet, I decided to tackle this one again. I'm glad I did. You can almost hear the song thanking me for clearing all the junk out of the way and just letting it breathe. ;-)

Please check out Mike's channel, he is a terrific person and a serious contributor to the youtube musican community, having done some great stuff with fargenbastich and babs2002ukus (and others).


Thanks for all the comments and support. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and 4th of July.


p.s I've sent a couple other vids up in recent weeks"Linen and Lace" and "Pangaea". If you havent already seen them, I hope you'll check them out.

Some other news and notes:

* This was the first song that ever came to me in a dream. It was sung by a female lead vocal and I had to figure out some of the verse lyrics, but otherwise it was all right there, playing as the background music to a dream.

* If you pay close attention, you can hear some flaws in the guitar and vocal tracks. I thought about redoing those, but I ended up keeping them and working with what I had. It felt like a good marriage between where I am and where I was.

* The tamborine sound that occurs in the right ear after the bridge is actually a flaw in one of the harmony tracks. I haven't the foggiest idea how it got there, but it just sounded so perfect that I ended up keeping it.

* If you want, you can still see the demo of this song, my very first upload to youtube. You'll notice I took the lazy route when it came to making footage for this video. ;-)


* I don't know why, but my vid traffic is only 20% of what it used to be. And now that YT has monkeyed with my contact list, I don't have access to send out shares. If any kind souls feel like spreading the word about the most recent uploads, it would be greatly appreciated.


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