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Published on Jun 22, 2012

this is dedicated to my new friends BimbaGomez & camella98 (:

|Don't Hurt Yourself|
"Ouch, Joe you're hurting me" Selena cringed at the grip Joe had on her.

His smirk only growing at her pain.

"Hey, let her go" Logan said as he grabbed Selena's other arm.

Selena's joy grew, along with her pain, but it quickly faded.

"What are you her new chew toy?" Joe said with a smirk "let her go" his hissed through his teeth.

Logan sighed and released her arm "I'm sorry Selena, this is too much" he said before walking away.

"Oh, he's a keeper sweetheart" Joe sarcastically rejoiced.

Selena began to shed tears of anger.

"Joe, let me go, please, you're hurting me."

Joe began to raise his free hand, but was stop in action by a mysterious guy that had twisted Joe's arm behind him.

"I believe she said let her go."

The grip on Selena's arm tightened causing her to yelp in pain.

"Not a chance" Joe retorted.

The mysterious man yanked Joe off the ground by his arm and threw him into the closest wall. Joe winced in pain, looked at the man, shook his head, and left the bar. The mysterious man then turned toward the crying Selena.

"Are you okay?"

Selena sniffled and wiped her tears.

"Yeah, now, thank you so much" she said gripping the arm that was injured.

The man gripped the same arm carefully and slowly stroked it, trying to calm her down.

"No problem" he said.

The man looked at the bartender without letting go of Selena's arm.

"Can I get some ice in a bag please?"

The bartender nodded and left to fetch the ice. Shortly after the bartender reappeared with a bag full of ice. The man took in into his hand and placed it into a napkin before placing it on Selena's injured arm. Selena slightly winced but smiled at the man.

"Thank you."

The man smiled back "again, it's no problem." He looked at Selena "so, how do you know Joe anyways?"

Selena sighed and rolled her eyes.

"We were friends for years before he was my boyfriend for the past three years" she paused and looked at the man with confusion "wait, how do you know him?"

The man chuckled "you're Selena then?" he asked ignoring her question.

"Yeah, and you are?" she asked suspicious.

He smiled at her "Nick Jonas."

It clicked.

"Oh" she said with a bright smile "you're Joe's younger brother Nick?"

Even though she had dated Joe for so long she had never met Nick, nor their parents.

"Yes ma'am" Nick smirked "come on sit down before you hurt yourself even more" he said, making Selena roll her eyes playfully, as he sat down pulling Selena along.


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