KH2FM - Sephiroth No Damage (LV 18 No Item/Heal/Limit/Drive)





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Published on Aug 2, 2007

Note: This video does not use any codes.

MCP was so annoying. Those laser beams, though easy to avoid, are one hit kills if you happen to get caught in one. But beat him on 3rd try. So what do I do now? Sephiroth of course! First time getting to fight him in KH2FM, and first time fighting him at this level. Maybe it's because I've faught and beaten Triple Sephiroths, but this was just ungodly easy. The no damage part wasn't as easy, but still didn't take much effort. But one slash from his sword is an instant kill anyway. Only a few attacks leave you with HP. I also didn't spam Reflect.

My strategy? Lure him into the Slash Combo attack. You can do it in his first and second form pretty easily. I had to Guard his second slash in his first form, because if I guard his first and break into my own combo too early, he seems to think it's too many hits and teleports. His final form is trickier, but if you've faught against him enough, you can dodge the attacks easily.

I show my abilities/weapons/stats/etc at the end of the video if you're curious. But the cool thing about Critical Mode is Sora is strong. Of course, so is Sephiroth. So now here's a few Q/A because I just KNOW some idiot(s) will bring these up:


Q: How are you that low of a level at Sephiroth?
A: KH2FM gives you an EXP 0 ability you can equip at any time if you play on Critical Mode. It does NOT affect Drive Form experience though, so that's how I have growth abilities.

Q: How come you have so much HP/MP/strength/defense/etc at LV 18, shouldn't they be really low?
A: You gain small stat boosts just from beating boss fights. This is the same with abilities. The only abilities I won't have are ones you gain above Level 18 (Such as Leaf Bracer, Second Chance, Once More, etc). Same goes for stat boosts you get above Level 18.

Q: How come you have 7 Item Slots? I thought the max was 6?
A: In Final Mix, you gain more. For example, beating Zexion's AS will give you an Item Slot. Same goes for Accessory and Armor Slots.

Q: How come you have (Insert ability here) if you're under (Insert KH2 required level for ability here)?
A: In KH2FM, some abilities are changed around. For example, you don't get Explosion ability from Agrabah anymore, you get it from Solar Sailor in Space Paranoids. Counterguard is also gained extremely early in the game too (Not even quite sure when I got it, didn't notice until later).

Q: Hey you used two Finishers without Rumbling Rose, how did you do that at Level 18?
A: Again, Final Mix starts you out with around 7 abilities on Critical Mode with 50 AP to equip them. So from the beginning of the game, you have a Finishing Plus ability to do two finishers throughout the game. And yes, that means you can do 3 Finishers with Rumbling Rose as soon as you get it.

If there's something you don't understand, feel free to ask. But don't try to pretend you know what you're talking about until you've played FM, things are different, especially in Critical Mode. Thanks.


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