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Published on Jun 30, 2009

I almost feel sorry for the guy, but hes the one asking.

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Try telling a child that his imaginary friend isn't real, and it breaks his heart, but he grows up a little. Tell an adult that his imaginary friend isn't real, and it breaks his heart, but he withdraws to renew his friendship with his imaginary friend. And hence, we still have religion.
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Mortimer Snerd
Michael Brown It takes faith in scientific methodology to believe in natural selection, it takes faith infairy tales to believe in a divine creator.
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I am so sick of this shit. We have complained to the devs about Dawkins time and time again but they never balance this fucking game. He was OP at launch and he IS STILL OP NOW.
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You wanna talk about OP, then let's talk about the Believer's Bubble of Ignorance. It just negates logic completely and doesn't even have a cooldown.
Revenge of the toilets episode III
I would say nerf his dps by decreasing his logic by 23%. This way he will not one shot shitty creationist arguments.
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That poor guy. His mind has built a wall and no logic in the world will ever penetrate it. He is destined to live and die with his silly beliefs.
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Poolak Bal
JabberCT doesn't matter, we all die the same.
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The Rock is Jesus Christ? Can you smell what the Jesus Christ is cooking?
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Mäu He's a terrible chef, the only meal he makes is bread and wine
Puss Mr
cheesus crust>?
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Liam O Connor
I kind of felt sorry for him, not because of what Dawkins said to him but because that poor man has wasted his whole life.
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Assassin Aquilus
jamie Allen1977 It's easier to lie in this world than it is to tell the truth, it's easier to steal than it is to work for something, and it's easier to get angry at someone than hold back that anger. So in reality it's easier to believe in religion than it is to believe in the truth that you have only one life. Because it's easier to believe a lie that satisfies rather than the truth. Imagine if a baby was born and he never once was introduced to religious ideas. He'll live as a normal human being with a perfectly healthy mindset of how to live in the world. But when Christianity talks about hell and the "possibility" (I did the quotations to signify what Christians would generally perceive as a possibility) of that occurring the mind goes berserk. When you are born all you know is reality. But the life after death the mind cannot perceive or understand so it fears the "possibility." The mind in its rational state would want to do anything to secure it's capability to survive and continue on. So it looks and Christianity and says hey if I believe this than that "everlasting life" will happen. Wake up the greatest fear in this world is no longer what it is, it has always been and will continue to be the fear of death. And take this for example I believe in all my heart and mind I could fly, but does that give me the capability to fly? No it doesn't, so does Christianity you only believe that it is happening. But in reality your living a lie to yourself. Case dismissed.
Micah Y.
Superfly Gaming Sure, but how much better could his life had been if he weren't locked in a lie. What if he had dedicated himself to science instead of burying his head in an ancient holy book his whole life and perpetuating his own confusion on others.
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To all the people saying believing in science is a religion... Religion = Faith = Believing without Evidence Science = Evidence Think for once. Edited to please elitist cunts, you all got the point, and in my mother language proof and evidence means the same.
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Geoff Gyro
The 'creation theory' is not a scientific theory. It's a wild guess by primitive goat farmers that didn't even know where the sun goes at night.
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Gleidston Filipe
Geoff Garvis You were right, except you misspelled fairytale. Creationism is not a theory. No religion is a theory. They're all fairytales, and fables, and the most powerful one today is nothing but a tool for mass brainwashing, that makes the brainwashed spread the disease to many more, and so on, and so foward. It's the true zombie epidemic that tames and numbs entire populations.
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I feel bad that a brilliant man like Dawkins has to listen to these occult nuts so often
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Андрей Мишин
PRHILL9696 He don't has to, he choosed this path himself, because of his willingness to spread rational thinking
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Wyatt Earp
That guys heart isn't broken he will never think any differently then he does right now. Sad.
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"I cannot afford to build my life on hallucination, but on Jesus Christ who is the rock" - The irony...
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