LSD Experiment - "Schizophrenia Psychosis Induced by LSD25" 1955 CIA Funded (MKULTRA)





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Published on Oct 15, 2011

Made with USC's Medical school in LA. Supposedly funded by the CIA as part of their MKULTRA program.

This video shows the reaction to LSD of an artist who has been identified as William Millarc. If you're impatient, skip ahead to a little after 4.5 minutes.

Update: If you missed it in the comments below, the subject in this experiment committed suicide the following year, www.newspapers.com/newspage/67399818/

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eric izzett
Damn that guy was so fucking close breaking through. Damn doctor had to ruin it 😭
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Whip It Good
Did anyone else get the impression that the guy interviewing him was hoping that the patient would have more of a negative experience than he did ? Maybe that's why he got rude and was being impatient with him when he was quite clearly having some of the best moments of his life. He seemed to twist his words a lot as well and make them negative.
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"all these people are observing me and very amused" holy shit he predicted the future
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Luficarius Ratspeed
Doc's giving that poor guy a bad trip.
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Sierra Smith
Im surprised that the interviewer didnt give him a bad trip, he was really rude and impatient.
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The subject had an excellent command of the English language, a lost art. People no longer have the ability to put thoughts into words. All you get nowadays is "uhhh, uhh, like, you know like, whatever and stuff, uhhh."
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David Lister
Dr. Buzzkill
I'm a Fish
"I feel very benevolent like I have no enemy in the world." Imagine if that same feeling could come to every human being.  Now, understand why the USA government who profits from wars and disorder might want to make this freeing substance illegal?
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Mark Gustafson
"I was getting somewhere and you interrupted it and it was kind of irritating." What a pleasant dude. He'd be fun to trip with.
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Anyone else notice how it seems like our friend enjoying the effects of the high seems to have, at some level, realized the significance of his experience being recorded on film, perhaps even realized the future moment at which a video like this might be shared in this way? It seems to me like, in that perhaps subliminal realization, he is able to speak across time and space directly to us here in the present moment... the scientist seems like an artifact, a typecast actor fulfilling a standard role, whereas our test subject is super-responsive, with a vibrance, energy and thought-stream relevant and interesting here today. The sad bit is that in that time period, and still continuing today, a person has little inherent value to their society - it's only their ability to make money, do work, and consume products that they are valued by. After having had an intense trip like that, particularly with that odd and artificial setting, ahead of the hippie wave, this fellow would likely have seen this lack of valuation placed on his own life, and felt a corresponding lack of self-worth. It takes an incredible mental fortitude to stand up to that kind of thought pressure. Newspaper clipping says he committed suicide with a note about his death making his paintings more valuable - commentary on society not putting much value on art and creation. Many of the posters here on youtube exemplify the struggles of thought spheres, waves of different levels of consciousness - much of that is quite hostile and derogatory to any thought not in agreement. To put a sensitive, artistic person against that in the real without a support network is like "a bridge too far." It was a temporally ambitious drop by the meta-consciousness and I'm sure many who have watched this video have benefited greatly from this man's experience, even if it may have eventually cost him his life. To all the haters and critics who feel there's nothing valuable here, if you feel like acting wise you can study the meta-lesson that negative thought and negative commentary are destructive to sensitive life. Good if you like a world of dead blocks of concrete and concrete minded sense-deprived people.
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