Venus Palermo Doll Make Up Interview Daybreak 04/April/2012





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Published on Apr 4, 2012

Venus with Helen Fospero and Dan Lobb.
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That woman who interviews Venus annoys me so much. When she says that she'd be horrified if her daughter would come home like that makes me so angry! Isn't it the most important to be who you want to be than be like everybody else? Not everyone has to be normal, it'd be awfully boring! 
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Panic! Fire Chemical Veil In Reverse
Geeze that female reporter is rude.
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kitty fairy
The female reporter is so rude, like Venus's mother said at least Venus doesn't drink, smoke, take drugs or get pregnant and have sex as many other teenagers, so I would much prefer a daughter like Venus over some drug addict.
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Charlotte Rose
They meant usual behavior
Ame :P
+G4BE1245 who wants to be normal, being normal is fucking boring. I would love my daughter as long as she is a good person, and has goals and ambition for herself. Personally, i'd prefer that my daughter dresses like a doll rather than going around half naked like a lot of other girls do.
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Prince Hunter
the interviewers are dicks..........
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zara van hoof
Prince Hunter good
Alana Mendizabal
I know !
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Josie Alyvia
Margaret Palermo is a wannabe cougar. Psychotic child abuser. The real life Mama Rose. She reminds me of Judith Barsi's dad, who tortured her at home because he was jealous of her successful acting career. He shout her and her mother in the head. Margaret is jealous of her daughter's internet fame. She has tortured her through Instagram and has excessively publicly humiliated her. Shame on you Margaret.
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Topaz 1115
Josie Alyvia ok maybe she did some make some mistake, but she may change or realise her mistake. pls no hate, try to reason...
Lexically Ambiguityness
I think the issue is that her mom looks like a crackhead
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The reporter is "horrified"....give me a break. Venus is lovely and she's being a GIRL. Everyone expects girlhood to stop at age 4 nowadays. There is NOTHING wrong with being innocent and pure.
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imogenbegins I guess she would have a heart attack if her daughter became a goth XD
Sarah Smitg
+imogenbegins There's a lot worse things in the media like Kardashians and similar talentless celebs constantly forced in our faces.
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Green Edge
Orange-woman was very rude...
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You're right she was rude, but she kind of has a point.
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Makes me angry that the reporter can be so judgmental. Venus hasn't hurt herself or anyone else, so what is the big issue!? She's choosing not to succumb to a typical teenage lifestyle and I applaud her for being an individual. Society should not judge someone just because they look or act different. We don't have to follow the cultural norm based off appearance.. Let her be herself, and most importantly be respectful of others regardless of what you think!
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New Yolk Times
I don't like the women reporter AT ALL! When she said she would be 'horrified'  it made me mad! If I ever have a daughter and she turned into a teenager and wanted to do what Venus does, I would let her! You should teach your kids to think outside the box, not follow the crowd! Would she let her daughter get pregnant, drunk, etc......?  
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Crystal Kotone
That female reporter sure is a twat. I guess her definition of a 'normal' teenager is a chav who probably smokes all day and does fuck all.
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Deysi Vidal
+Jojo I guess... I mean your a cunt too right?
Deysi Vidal Wow, I looked at your channel, and you sure are a cunt. Liking Venus angelic exposed videos. Putting on makeup and being confident in her own skin is too much for people. She isn't affecting you, is she?
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