Mobile Audit Club Annual Mid-Year Summary 2012, Drought - Bankruptcy - Medical Guinea Pigs





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Published on Jul 26, 2012

The year in roundup from mid 2011 to mid 2012. The Milky Way Galaxy Center Clear Sky Effect prediction I made based on a satellite image I witnessed has proven that simple chemistry can predict the weather. We are in an area on space that will leave us with a severe drought through 2013 and possibly throught 2014.

The devils triangle as I call it, from Florida to the North and South Point of California has been hardest hit. Braman OK is in a simmer. She is at the hypotenuse and he is dead from drought. Ground water can only hold out for so long in crop irrigation.

We lost a war at some point. See page Love Line 12 of Mobile Audit Club. Love Line 12 is linked on the home page. Google search Mobile Audit Club. Tsar Bomba and the Castle Bravo blast may be meant for more than blowing things up, but to blow your mind and or your time and space.

Casinos should be shut down. They are a product of the enemy in power in the USA and Canada and much of Western Europe. The totalitarian dictatorship in power has Obama on the cover of their publicity campaign while they censor those who oppose the current ruling regime's war criminal abuses of myself and many others around the globe.

Kismet for me in my suffering is to help you. Beware of healthcare in the USA They are abducting and torturing and robbing many of us. Bring a witness or someone to kick the door open so you can flee if our enemy sends in abusive war crimes perpetrators in the USA health care system.

I was injected forcibly, knocked unconscious and had a stroke. That was in 2004. I think the stroke started in 2001 when I was injected by a federal agent at a VA facility in that most hated city Los Angeles. It is a city with a plague. Beware of the enemy in California. The filthy rich of the negative capitalist USA regime in D.C. allows the enemy to torture and kill and imprison us in Los Angeles. Alabama closes the door on us and we are often harassed or attacked in Florida. We are controlled by our enemies in the USA and their media is a lie and is censored. We should free all Prisoners of War or applaud the deaths of the international dictators in power over the USA, Canada, the UK, and much of Western Europe. Israel should be careful as their goal may be to kill as many Jews of God loving faith as they can through deception and setting a trap behind your walls. Neteurei Karta knows the rap.

Karlson from USS Reid FFG-30 in 1983 was our signalman on that ship. I volunteered to go onto the Mast to work at the top. They insisted that Karlson go. They left the radar on and not rotating and it was pointing at him. That strange buzzing sound coming over the radio near those things is what Karlson felt. He is not in a wheelchair and has Multiple Sclerosis and radar has been proven to cause this condition.

Our gunnery gun and programmer, who I only known as Van Gogh due to his appearance threw the guns and computers overboard when he found our names on a "Queer" list. It was a medical guinea pig list. Something else happened on that boat and it is all on Mobile Audit Club primarily Quatrains 12 and Love Line 12 page.

Sheriff Jack Tillman harvested or stole 365 thousand dollars of inmate food funds in 2001. I caught him and reported him. He took my gun permit and blocked my entry to a televised government meeting on 4/3/2001. The federal government allowed him to do so because I had substantial evidence of a murder covered up at the FDIC San Francisco of the Regional Director circa 1991.

They wanted to inject me behind closed doors and I would not go to a room in a hotel at night so I was terminated . Our enemies have come to power. I suspect technolgical weaponry and a lost war, see my mind and matter control device involving Tsar Bomba and Castle Bravo blast on Love Line 12 of Mobile Audit Club.

Who is the largest money laundering bank on Earth federal war criminal, Jack?

Stop Jacking us Around. I am praying for the deaths of the ":true " international dictators or the deaths of our people in the next year. We all deserve peace of mind and body. We all deserve equal rights. All of my charges from 2001 were nolle processed in 2004. Yet the charges were still on file in 2011. Our enemies gave me a stroke. Let us pray.for the deaths of the dictators in power over us or that God kill us all in the coming year.

Correction: Bush Sr. was a disabled veteran and was not a P.O.W. There was concern that he was not himself during his presidency.


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