We Takin Over - Jemini





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Uploaded on Jul 20, 2010

gotta rap this up like a christmas gift
i rip this shit its ridiculous how i spit so sick fuck the hypocrites
when im on the mic im flowing like a liquid bitch
uptown riche$ we the sickest click
stayng high in the sky we never trip and slip
feasting on these rappers like they licerish
so all yall should just make like chips and dip
so just zip ur lip and throw away the key
killin every single rapper from a-z
this aint toy story you shouldn't play with me
yeah this is what you call a great mc
imma lay you down lick jermaine depree
shittt eminem should even be afraid of me
im hot but cold occasionally
and if money talks theres nothing you can say to me
yeah im the king and lifes a chess game
try to get at me u better come with ya best aim
cuz im making moves so choose ur next fate
make the wrong ones then i guess its check mate
constipated flow boy my shit goes hard
catch it like an ammonia i spit cold bars
so mother fucking hot i bet i could hold mars
and i rob n batmans cuz they just joke rs
gotta speak the truth like intoxication
living life so please just stop the hating
stop debating if im hot like saytin
i got the game on lock incarceration
cooking this beat i should rock an aprin
trust me i dont got alot of patients
drop the faking im hip hops sensation
dr jem and ima bout to start operating
fuck im wasting time with a pile a waste

you lack a style and taste

im so wild and great your so mild and fake

im a lion you snake it'll be like math when i start dividing your face

n leave you dying in pain
 no point of tryng to tame
n I admire the hate dont get inspired by fakes

im flying in space so dont try to relate

to the illest mother fucker jemini the great

yall spit shit so you must eat ass

put all you bitches underneath the grass

im the future you be the past

really no one told m1 that they need to rap

guess you didnt know i was a nutcase fuck face

leave ur ass with a cut face for fuck sakes

all you wiggers are just fakes i must say

leave the mic with blood stains its just rape
ur girls suck my dick how does my nuts taste fucked eh
leave ur whole crew duck taped in one take
don't try to say that you bust weight just fake
have u for my lunch plate just one day

you on next shit im on real shit

we the gods of rap so please just kneal bitch

pussy on ur face i suggest you seal it

before you get a pealed wig just so eal slick

mathew bark fuck man your a real twig

you dont deal shit or feel bricks or wheel chicks

all you really do with your time is feel dicks
ur song killed rap and then this re healed it

m1 stop running your mouth
stop sucking my dick and just spit ithat out
fagget ass wiggers tryng to diss and shout

im still tryng figure out what that shits about

weight more than mat and shanye put together

how u gunna knock me out if u cant lift a feather

chances of beating me are none to never

if ur gunna diss me make sure its fuckin better

bitch ass boys what you really about

like tyler durden just fight ya self

Both know i could knock ur lights all out

bring a kinfe ill bend n say fight me now
you make my ears bleed congratulations

your flow is so lazy procrastination

i dont understand ur shit start elaboratin

and trust me i aint even exaggerating
yeah ima bawse and u white trash

next track we attack man i might spaz

so dont choke and take notes cuz your in my class

dont fuck with a soulja cuz i fight back
u expect me to hear that trash
im pulling all the cards like this is black jack
m1 you notice how i rap facts
you rap whack and think u all you are half black
smack that shit out u pussies wheres the litter box

tried to get at me but i really think that you missed ur shots

you probably got on the song after you sniffing rocks

fucking piss me off so i had to get all my shit across

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