5 Pegasus Caught on Camera & Spotted In Real Life!





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Published on Mar 23, 2017

5 Pegasus Caught on Tape & Spotted In Real Life!


A pegasus is a figure from Greek mythology, conceived when Poseidon, god of the sea, raped Medusa, and born when the hero Perseus beheaded Medusa. Pegasus also has a brother who is a man. A pegasus is also the name for any flying horse with wings. These are five pegasi caught on camera and spotted in real life. Let’s begin!

Pegasus in Saudi (editor, make it so the image is brighter or has higher contrast)

The Ancient Greek Macedonian Empire stretched far east beyond Europe into the Middle East. Could it be possible that the pegasus followed them? Saudi Arabia lies near countries that had once been the Macedonian Empire, and was itself a member of the Ottoman Empire. Like Greece, Saudi Arabia is an old country with a rich cultural history. If the pegasus were a real animal, maybe it could be found in Saudi Arabia too. This video, captured in Saudi Arabia, shows what appears to be a pegasus flying through the night during a thunderstorm as spectators shout and record it. The pegasus seems to walk through the air as it flies with its large wings. Could this be a real, flesh and blood, pegasus, an unconfirmed hoax, or something spiritual?

Angel on Pegasus Attacks Plane

The character pegasus had many different roles in Greek mythology. One was as a mounted war stallion which flew through the air. It may make sense that if a mythological figure riding pegasus might see fit to intervene in human warfare, and to test the mettle of a jet and its pilot. Pegasus was also the carrier of Zeus’s thunderbolts, and it may be possible that the electricity of these thunderbolts could cause the sort of electrical problem that might cause a jet to fall. Perhaps the sight of the pegasus alone caused the pilot, in a state of awe, to lose control of their jet. Either may explain why when a pegasus ridden by an unknown figure flies near a jet, the jet crashes to the ground. This video captures an air attack over Gaza in Israel.

Pegasus in Woods

Plenty of real things have been found while walking alone in the woods with your friends recording it all on home video camera. This time, it was a pegasus. In this video, a group of friends exploring some woods near a corral when they just happened to find an honest to god real pegasus in the light of day. The magical creature was just doing horse things in a convenient clearing where the entire group was able to gather and gaze upon the mythological animal associated with wisdom, enjoying the beauty of creation and the knowledge that somewhere, out there, pegasus is real, and may fondly remembering them petting him.

Pegasus Resting on Beach

If you were a pegasus flying around the earth, traveling hundreds or thousands of miles across oceans, you’d probably be so tired you’d just pass out as soon you reached land and could rest without being dragged to the darkness below where you would drown. This pegasus was captured resting on a beach, asleep and unresponsive according to the person who took the video. Pegasi must be pretty heavy sleepers to be able to just sleep through a visitation by a stranger on an open, clear beach during daylight. You could only imagine what other things could be done to that beautiful animal while it rests, completely unaware!

Pegasus UFO (obviously remove the music)

There’s a debate in the UFO community whether or not the pegasus is literally, by definition, a UFO. On one hand, with enough clarity and high enough definition in the photo, we can say definitively that that unknown flying object is in fact known. We know that it is a pegasus. The opposing side of this argument is that just because we know what the unknown object is, does not necessarily mean that it is not, in fact, a UFO. For instance, if you saw a UFO that was a flying saucer, would you say that it’s a UFO? After all, you know that it is a flying saucer. Yes, you would. The unknown part of this equation is more of a question of the origins of the object than whether we know what the object is. This video is a Pegasus flying over a city. Is it a UFO? Watch the video so that you can decide.

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