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Published on Aug 29, 2009


Ron Paul reads into the Congressional Record from Michael Ledeen's 1999 book and articles. Ledeen states in part 2 that an attack on US soil like Pearl Harbor would be "lucky" and "providential" (miraculous). He was not alone in that view.

RP states this is not proof of complicity in 9-11. OK.

(video source unknown, possibly CSPAN of US Congress session, not copyright tv news)

Ledeen also published "Code Alpha" on Sept 11, 2001, demanding that Congress and the White House authorize an attack on Iraq. Later he stated he always opposed an attack on Iraq, instead preferring attacking Iran. Ledeen was busted by the FBI for spying for Israel, but that matter was dropped.

There is no need to infer or "ask questions" on 9-11. People inside the Defense Policy Board (and PNAC, AEI, CFR, etc.) had a fairly explicit "Strike America First" policy, published.

See GOOGLE VIDEO for complete Ron Paul "Neo-conned" speech, covers PNAC too.
Ledeen of American Enterprise was appointed National Security advisor on fighting terrorism. He's one of the first neo-cons and associate of PNAC who wanted America to be attacked.

When-o-when is the "liberal" even anti-Bush media that "hates America" and is "unpatriotic" ever going to mention that these neo-cons demanded ("hoped for") a massive bloodbath on US soil, and the deaths of thousands of citizens and innocents? When? Never.

(I am not a 'Paultard', I profoundly disagree with his "Austrian" economics of Hayek, connected to the terror regime of General Pinochet in Chile, against mild democratic socialism, destroying the prosperity of the Middle Class with "neo-liberal" economics, beginning with a CIA-backed military coup on on Sept 11, 1973. (Like Wall Street just did to screw the world with unregulated capital flows)

But where Ron Paul is correct, he's great! RP is a rare current politician to expose Ledeen and the Neo-cons in this manner. Paul Craig Roberts and late Jude Wanniski both from Reagan admin are/were equally critical of neo-cons and neo-liberals.)


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