Forever and Always Ep.28 Part Two(some "action" in this lol)





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Published on Dec 5, 2011

m-*pulls his shirt off slowly*
j-*starts kissing her neck again*
m-baby I was thinking
m-let's play a little game
j-what kind of game?
m-*stands up on the bed*
j-*groans* babe.....
j-*smirks* hey baby
j-can you strip for me?
m-*giggles* if you want me to
m-*starts to slowly take her clothes off*
j-*puts his hand on her leg*
m-*slaps his hand* no touching
j-*makes a sad face*
m-*takes her top off and sits down on his stomach*
j-*looks at her*
m-*pulls him up and starts making out with him*
j-*rubs her sides as they make out*
*one of their phones ring*
m-*mumbles against his lips-baby...phone*
j-*groans and picks it up* hello?
n-hey bro
n-what's up?
j-I'm kinda busy right now
m-*giggles because joe's running his fingers up and down her stomach*
n-oh I get it...call me later or something bye *hangs up*
j-*chuckles and goes back to making out with m*
*you know what happens lol...later on**m and j are laying in bed cuddled up*

j-*kisses her head* I love you
m-I love you too Joey
j-*smiles* that was amazing
m-very amazing
j-tonight was the best night of my existence
m-*giggles and hits him playfully* shut up mr.quoting twilight
j-it's not my fault you made me go see it
m-*rolls her eyes playfully* you know you wanted to see it too
j-*sighs* yeah I did
j-but we're different from them...I will touch you again and I didn't break the bed
m-*laughs* but maybe I don't want you to touch me again mr.Jonas
j-yes you do mrs.Jonas
j-*kisses her*
m-*kisses him back* I love you so much
j-and I love you so so so much *kisses her again*
m-*yawns* joeybear can you sing to me please?
j-you don't even have to ask anymore babygirl
j-*starts singing wylmite*
m-*closes her eyes and falls asleep after a few mins*
j-sweet dreams princess *kisses her head and falls asleep*

*the next morning**they're up and eating breakfast*

m-this is really good babe
j-thanks baby *smiles*
e-*eating her cheerios*
*doorbell rings*
m-I'll get it
j-no I'll do it baby you finish eating *gets up and kisses her head* *goes over and opens the front door**it's mandz parents*
mm-hey joe*smiles*
j-hey mom hey dad *smiles and hugs them* what r u two doing here?
*a/n-they live in nj*
md-we called mandz and she said we could come for a couple of weeks..she didn't tell u?
j-oh yeah I forgot *chuckles* come in
*they walk in with all their luggage* mandz is in the kitchen with em
*they all walk into the kitchen and mandz says greets her parents*
m-*goes over to Joe and sits down on his lap while her parents play with Emma**whispers in his ear-I'm sorry I forgot to tell you..they called me the other day when you were at work and I forgot*
j-baby its ok *kisses her head and smiles*
j-*sighs quietly and whispers in her ear-this means no loving at night*
m-*giggles a little* why?
j-you're loud
m-I can be quiet
j-sure let's see
m-we will Joseph
j-ok Amanda
m-you're cleaning up the table *gets off his lap takes em out of her highchair and goes into the family room with her parents*
j-*shakes his head and starts cleaning*

*with mandz and her parents*

m-*talking to Emma* whos that? *points to her mom*
m-*points to her dad* and who's that baby?
e-gapa! *smiles*
j-*walks into the family room*
j-*takes her from mandz and kisses her cheek* hey cutie
e-*talks in baby talk*
j-oh really?
e-*nods and continues*
m-*smiles at them*

im working on part three it might be up later tonight...but def tomorrow! :)

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