Vagrant Story pt18 (of21) Revolution





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Published on Apr 3, 2010

The Entire plot of VS. All cut-scenes, most bosses, break arts for all weapons and tonnes of extra notes.

♪ Minotaur, Large chapel garret, Blood of violation, Nightmare ♫
Dao - Earth Daeva. An Evil spirit who casts baneful spells to sate its yearning for human life.
Nightmare - Dark Daeva. It is filled with an insatiable craving to see the living suffer.

Leá Monde Tourism Guide

Temple of Kiltia -
Once the centre where Kiltian priests held their rituals and ceremonies, its underground location allowed the Iocus priests to use it as a sanctuary and meditation chamber. Phantoms and possessed armours and statues filled the corridors, accompanied by imps and demons. The names indicates those beings steeped in dark powers (though the last name implies they just finally ran out of inspiration).
• The Dark Coast • Hall of Prayer • Those Who Drink the Dark • The Chapel of Meschaunce • The Resentful Ones • Those Who Fear the Light • Chamber of Reason • Exit to City Centre

The Great Cathedral -
An imposing structure of the priesthood built during the golden age. Built over the Temple of Kiltia, the Grand Cathedral is the centre of the Gran Grimoire. Its spires and towers housed many relics of the Iocus priests, and many more of the Müllenkamp. The daevas of earth Dao, fire Ifrit, water Marid, wind Djinn, and darkness Nightmare gather here to guard the strongest magic point in Leá Monde.
B1 • Sanity and Madness • Truth and Lies • Order and Chaos • The Victor’s Laurels • Struggle for the Soul • An offering of Souls
L1 • The Flayed Confessional • Monk’s Leap • Where Darkness Spreads • Hieratic Recollections • A Light in the Dark • The Poisoned Chapel • Sin and Punishment • Cracked Pleasures • Into Holy Battle
L2 • Maelstrom of Madness • He Screams for Mercy • The Acolyte’s Weakness • An Arrow into Darkness • Light and Dark Wage War
• The Hall of Broken Vows • The Melodies of Madness • What Ails You. Kills You • Free From Base Desires • Abasement From Above • The Convent Room
L3 • The Heretic’s Story • Despair of the Fallen • The Wine Lecher’s Fall • Hopes of the Idealist • Where the Soul Rots
L4 • The Atrium

Iron Maiden -
A secret underground dungeon deep within the city, where Müllenkamp imprisoned the deity Asura and conducted many experiments and rituals. As a result, the dungeon is filled with Dullahans, Lichs and Ogres. One can even bet to find Death itself here. One may also find that the dungeon is actually shaped in the form of the Rood of Iocus. All rooms are named for a different brutal form of torture or execution. (Nothing to do with Steve Harris and his merry troubadours.)
B1 • The Cage • The Cauldron • Wooden Horse • Starvation • The Breast Ripper • The Branks • The Wheel • The Pear • The Judas Cradle
• The Whirligig • Spanish Tickler • Heretic’s Fork • The Chair of Spikes • Blooding • Bootikens • Burial • Burning • Cleansing The Soul • The Ducking Stool • The Garrotte • Hanging • Impalement • Knotting
B2 • The Eunuch’s Lot • Ordeal by Fire • The Oven at Niesse • Pressing • The Mind Burns • The Rack • The Saw • The Scold’s Bridal
• The Shin Vice • The Spider • Squassation • Lead Sprinkler • Tablillas • Strangulation • The Strappado • Thumbscrews • Tongue Slicer
• Tormentum Insomniae • Ordeal by Water • Brank
B3 • The Iron Maiden • Judgement • Dunking the Witch • Saint Elmo’s Belt
(PS do not google any of these unless you have a very strong stomach.)


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