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Published on Jul 19, 2009

MJs Great song Money with Lyrics and his photos from his last Photoshoot (rip)

READ! Anyone tht leaves a comment like "What the! Why is joe jonas at the end?!"their comment will be removed, it is called A VIDEO ENDING so no one steals the video,and if u havent notice my user is iLuvjoejonas1213, so i put joe jonas,if u are gunna judje my video saying its stupid becuz of a video ending and leave a comment,the comment will be removed,u clicked this video to watch lyrics on screen, not to judje the ending, i hope u understand tht it is very annoying to get those comments, i spend hours doing these videos

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The name of the song is 'Money" and the lyrics are about what people would do for money. He saw all the bad things people did for money.
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Oligierta Lipo No7a
Lashandra Crain you know What ? If ur soo smarter you should not talk like this cuz he had à plan and u dont even know it so Shut the fuck up dude
Oligierta Lipo No7a
Mr., Fanstastic No he never did that ..his talking about people Who Will Do anything for money and its just à song
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HipHop Fans
Mj was dissing ppl hard in his last few albums.
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Angie Johnsson
good cos they deserved
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Prolific Pops
I like how MJ is kinda rapping in this one. Anywho, this man doesnt have not 1 bad song. I've yet to hear a MJ song that sucks.
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Farrin Nuzmul a great fan of mj
Master Winner hahaha .... seriously? ??? I love that song by the way r u an mj fan? ???? if yes then u r a false mj fan... got it??????
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Joi S
This may be his most underrated song. Love it!
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aiden swenson
Joi S nah, it's not the most unrated song of his, his most unrated song is probably Talboid junkie
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Therese Nanoh
Yeah fuck money it's just paper and it has no real value yet people kill for it and even sell their souls for it. So stupid.
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Emi Horan
Therese Nanoh Exactly.
Tech Nicht
Therese Nanoh „Money is the God of this time and Rothschild is his prophet“ - Heinrich Heine
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Barbara Guiot
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OnlyMichaelJackson (Angel)
listen to it close to your ear, so you can hear every tiny detail. its magical.
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EGL Edits
Most people think this song was directed toward the illuminati but it was really directed towards Evan Chandler, the man who accused Jackson of child sexual abuse on his son Jordan in 1993 
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mikeyah boykin
Evan Chandler was a fake person, he didn't need to do all that extra saying Michael Jackson did that then he kills his self because of all the threats from MJ's fans which Evan should've known for sure that people would catch on to his devilish plan so yeah Evan Chandler tried arrest the wrong guy.
Ig G3
Jordan Scruggs wait hear what?
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Marcos Soledad
listen carefully in the beginning he says they use me for the money so he is talking about the people who try to get money from him
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José Neto
guys this was only critcs againist all the system.. he knew about it and that's why he was murdered.. who agree?
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Epicgamer F.C
José Neto
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