Knottyy's BHO Budder to Shatter Tutorial - How To Turn Budder/Wax/Honeycomb into Shatter/Sap





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Published on Mar 15, 2013

If you have question PLEASE READ THE FAQ BELOW before writing me. All questions asked that are answered in the video or in the FAQ will be ignored. Thanks

If you are patient from WA that would like your trim processed into top shelf BHO send me a PM.

I started Instagram to post oil pics if you're into that shit - Knottyy

I had mentioned the possibility of making this video before. There are probably other videos out there already that detail how to do this, but I figured I'd go ahead and just show you guys how I do it myself when I want a bit of tasty shatter. I have always been under impressed with most of the shatter I come across, as it very rarely conveys the personality of the strain it was ran from in any great form. The aroma and flavor drop off considerably in comparison to it's honeycomb counterpart. But with this method, you will be able to make some super tasty shatter or sap that I believe you will be happy with and that will taste and smell superb. I put a couple melt shots back to back at the end of this video for fun.

I know that there will be some of you out there that think this method is wrong, that I am wrong and that this will fuck up your oil. But for those of you that are willing to put a little faith in me, I promise you....this method works and it works well. I have done it a hundred times...literally. Just be careful not to go too far too fast, or you will burn it and there is no coming back from that.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q. What is the max temp you should use? A. I try and not go above 175f, and I hit it in short bursts at that high of a temp.
Q. How much butane do you use? A. I utilize 1 can of high quality butane per oz of high quality trim/flower.
Q. What tubes do you use? A. Extraction Experts XL Tubes. Good tubes, company always ships super slow though. I'll be moving to new tubes soon.
Q. What kind of filters? I use 100 micron metal screens in conjunction with 25 micron pressing screens, as well as unbleached coffee filters at times although I much prefer pressing screens as they hold up better for longer.
Q. How long do you vacuum purge for? A. Till I've reached the desired honeycomb texture I want, or till I have a clean shatter that will not move under pressure at 110f.
Q. Do I really need a vacuum pump and chamber for making good oil? A. It is not 100% necessary, but I HIGHLY recommend it for top shelf oil. It will make your job a lot faster and easier, and help to ensure you a safer product.
Q. What kind of pump do you use? A. Robinair 2 Stage 3 CFM Pumps.
Q. What kind of butane do you use? A. I mostly use Power 5x, but also like Vector and Colibri (twice the price).
Q. What kind of vacuum chamber do you use, and where can I buy one? A. Vac-It Pro and you can only purchse them on eBay. They are around $120.
Q. Do you constantly run the vacuum pump? A. Yes

This is my LEGAL medicine as seen fit by RCW 69.51a


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