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Two is Better Than One (a channy love story) SEASON 3 EPISODE 7





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Uploaded on Jan 10, 2011


Sonny putting on makeup
Tawni: *Comes in* Hey im gonna get going do u want a ride home?
Sonny: Sure *Smiles*
Tawni: Kool...

*In the car*
Sonny and Tawni eating McDonalds

Sonny: Oh! Check it out this chicken wrap is Amaazziinnggg
Tawni: *Laughs* Check it out this Mcflurry is Amazinger!
Sonny: Check it out is "Amazinger" a word?
Tawni: Check it out Idk!?
Sonny: *Laughs*
Tawni: hey do you wanna spend another night?
Sonny: I can't.. I should probably get home..
Tawni: Right... Okaay thats cool

*At Channy's House*
Sonny cleaning the dishes and chad sitting on the couch
Sonny: *Finishes and come sits on the couch*
Chad: *Glares at her*
Sonny: *Glares at him*
Chad: *Looks away*
Sonny: So... how was your day?
Chad: Fine..
Sonny: Just Fine?
Chad: Mmhhm
Sonny: Okay i know your mad at me? but dont be such a jerk! im trying to start conversation
Chad: *Turns to her* we need to talk..
Sonny: *Plugs her ears* no we don't!
Chad: Sonny...
Sonny: lalalalalala
Chad: Sonny!
Chad: I dont love u anymore!
Sonny: La... *Unplugs her ears* what?
Chad: I didnt mea-
Sonny: *Tear Falls down her cheek* you dont love me anymore ?
Chad: No! i love you! i-
Sonny: *Runs off*

Sonny's P.O.V
I ran to the belcony and found my self crying and staring up at the sky.. did chad really not love me? i had to clear my mind...

Chad: *comes out* Sonny?
Sonny: Go Away...
Chad: Sonny.. You no i didnt mean it like that--
Sonny: Please just go.. *Tear Falls down her cheek*
Chad: *Moves Closer to her* Hey.. *Sits beside the chair beside her* Don't cry sonshine *Wipes her tear*
Sonny: *Pushes him away* No *Gets up and walks back into the house*
Chad: *Sighs*

** To be continued **
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