Getting Morals From People Speaking For God Is Bad 1: Disasterous Advice





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Published on May 19, 2012

The disaser of abstinence only.



  1. 309

    Gay Marriage Will Destroy Society?

  2. 310

    Michigan Forcing Through "Kill Woman For Jesus." Abortion BIll.

  3. 311

    The Glorifying of Dying for Jesus.

  4. 312

    The Infinite Regress Problem's Solution Explained Again.

  5. 313

    Atheist Should Just Shutup, And Stop Trying To Silence Christians???

  6. 314

    Enough Fucking With People's Lives.

  7. 315

    300 subs, and get your channels Promoted!

  8. 316

    California State Senate Passes Ban For Conversion Therapy For Minors

  9. 317

    Do I Think There is Free Will?

  10. 318

    Lets Call a Spade a Spade.

  11. 319

    Marriage is NOT a Religious Institution! Stop Saying it is!.

  12. 320

    Other Issues With Near Death Experiences.

  13. 321

    Life Has No Ultimate meaning Without God?

  14. 322

    Don't Redefine Marriage!

  15. 323

    Scientific Tag Video.

  16. 324

    Bizzaro World: Ex-Gay Ministry Demands Tolerance for "Ex-Gay Sexual Orientation."

  17. 325

    No More MR Nice Gay.

  18. 326

    Will The Far Right Wing Create Their Own Demise, and Persecution?

  19. 327

    Want a chance to talk with a winged wolf?

  20. 328

    RE: It could happen to you.

  21. Getting Morals From People Speaking For God Is Bad 1: Disasterous Advice

  22. 330

    Where Should I Go From Here?

  23. 331

    The Question of, is God Possible, is Irrelevant

  24. 332

    Are People Some Times Too Wise And Knowledgable When Responding to Theists?

  25. 333

    Don't Let the Trolls, and Jerks Ruin Your Time Here.

  26. 334

    War Against Hateful Bigoted Chrisitans May Get a Win: Ex Gay Ban

  27. 335

    It's Wrong For Others to Force Their Beliefs On My Kids, But Okay for Me to do it.

  28. 336

    Finally proof and evidence God doesn't Exist!!!

  29. 337

    Christians are the Hate Group Here.

  30. 338

    The End of Our Most Beloved World is Here!

  31. 339

    The Creeping Catholic sex Laws.

  32. 340

    Christians and What They Fear If Gays Are Respected, and Reality.

  33. 341

    My Thoughts on the Dan Savage Walkout.

  34. 342

    Christian Myths And Their Dangers.

  35. 343

    Religion Gives "Truth" Without the Wisdom.

  36. 344

    Reality Check, There Is No Liberal Agenda.

  37. 345

    The Shocking Truth About Avatar and it's Real Purpose!

  38. 346

    My brief thoughts about death.

  39. 347

    Catholics Castrate Homosexuals as Punishment for Being Raped by Priests.

  40. 348

    Creationists Get Creationism Bill in Tenessee

  41. 349

    New Rule: If you are for Religious Freedom, then You Can't Be against legalizing Gay Marriage

  42. 350

    Science's Way of Finding Truth, VS Religion's way.

  43. 351

    Freedom OF Religion,Also Means Freedom FROM Religion.

  44. 352

    Dying Ears Tag, and Small Announcement.

  45. 353

    New Rule: If You're Anti Abotion, and Feel Every Life is Sacred

  46. 354

    Being LBGT is unatural?

  47. 355

    One Small Voice

  48. 356

    My 1 Year Anniversary of Making Videos.

  49. 357

    Newly Discovered Feathered Tyrannosaurus, the Yutyrannus

  50. 358

    Please Donate for Sick Girl, and Subscribe to a great channel.

  51. 359

    War on Woman Has Another Victory!!! Equal Pay for Woman Removed!

  52. 360

    Abuse Protected by Religious Freedom? Pine Haven abuse.

  53. 361

    Terrorist Attack on Planned Parenthood

  54. 362

    Atheist Caused More Deaths Then Religions!!!!

  55. 363

    Pennsylvania Church Kidnaps Kids at Gunpoint.

  56. 364

    Leading Number One Expert on Overpopulation Says It's a Myth.

  57. 365

    Childhood Indoctrination is Hell.

  58. 366

    School hires hate group to do assembly.

  59. 367

    Why is the Catholic Church Still in Power?

  60. 368

    Why We Should Defer to the Experts, Not the Ignorant

  61. 369

    Clothing giving either respect, or blame.

  62. 370

    My thoughts on how far animal rights should go.

  63. 371

    To Heyruka and Race Realists Who Claim That Countries With High Homo Genius are Happier!!

  64. 372

    There is No Such Thing as a Moderate Satirist, They Are All Extreme!

  65. 373

    New Rule: If Your Not a Doctor, You Have No Buisness LegislatingThem to Rape Woman.

  66. 374

    Why I'm here on youtube.

  67. 375

    Reality check #1: LBGT just want respect and equal treatment.

  68. 376

    My Issue with Religions 1: They Divide Us.

  69. 377

    Shhhh, it's a secret, real reason for divine hideness

  70. 378

    The Taliban is Trying to Force Sharia Law on the United States.

  71. 379

    New rule: Who I have sex with is none of your damn buisness, so screw off.

  72. 380

    Americans, before you clean everyone elses homes, clean your own.

  73. 381

    New Rule: If your going to make bigoted, racist, sexist comments:

  74. 382

    Capcom DLC is Just a Microcosm of a bigger problem.

  75. 383

    Rich VS Poor, White VS Black, Inequality in Law.

  76. 384

    Art isn't dead, it's just evolving and growing.

  77. 385

    Self promotion video for my channel

  78. 386

    Chrisitans are turning the world gay!

  79. 387

    2 Creatard Minutes - Sea Shells on Mountain Prove Flood

  80. 388

    African Witch Children and not thinking critically *reupload*

  81. 389

    Moderate Theists, and God of the Gaps.

  82. 390

    How did plants and animals survive after the flood?

  83. 391

    It's shoutout time, long over due.

  84. 392

    Christian Forgiveness is Reckless Endangerment

  85. 393

    Church finally bans children from going to it.

  86. 394

    Reply to puppy turtle RE: science, challenges, and spinning tables.

  87. 395

    Don't let bill pass that would give rights to christians!

  88. 396

    Mormons convert Anne Frank, have they gone too far?

  89. 397

    New Rule, If you think Love of Jesus and Bible can take place of formal education....

  90. 398

    for profit prisons now demanding 90% gauranteed occupancy?

  91. 399

    New rule, if you're not an expert on a subject, and get all your information from non experts...

  92. 400

    Patients fired by doctors, for children not vaccinated? Good for them.

  93. 401

    250 subs belated and early answers to questions

  94. 402

    Why Is the Bible Spread Through word of hoof/foot?

  95. 403

    New Rule 3: If your organization promotes bigotry, religionism, sexism, mysogony...

  96. 404

    New rule 2: If you support boycotting and removing support from X

  97. 405

    New rule, if you think your religion exempts you from law...

  98. 406

    homosexuals are people too.

  99. 407

    How far should religious Freedom go?

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