Hypnotize yourself - Sleep (no voice)





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Published on May 4, 2009

Watch this If you're having trouble sleeping

DISCLAIMER: If you go into this with a naturally resistant attitude, chances are that this "will not work". If you listen and respond to my suggestions, then you really shouldn't have anything to worry about. Even if it "doesn't work", no one really cares.

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I was breathing in and then I sneezed XD 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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carter dion
ҡѧʏҡѧʏɢѧmєя haha
Pink Fox
ҡѧʏҡѧʏɢѧmєя lol
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Jack Kazalas
Where my 2017 squad like this comment
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Heather V
Jack Kazalas I'm yo squad yooooo I'm a girl
galaxy girl
NanoWolfy mine and I just woke up from my actual sleep not this lol
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I took a deep breath and then I sneezed and farted xD
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яσѕнเŋเ уαнαmραтн
Heather V
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Who else checked the comments for jumpscares?
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Antonio Legree
SacuL me
Maria Perez
SacuL me lmao
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Galaxy girl9001
WTF i almost fell asleep in the car and then my mom hit the brake and i went face first into the seat😂😂🚗
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ian marler
Heather V English please?
Heather V
Galaxy girl9001 lol me to when my mom hit the breaks it like did it it to both of us I out to its by the was yoooo😝😝😝
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Deauntraniece Couthon
am I the only one scrolling through the comments because I'm bored
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ben Shaneben1
Deauntraniece Couthon no
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Obsessed By Bubbles
Who's here to fall asleep for Easter?
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Khai milia
Me im so tired
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Kadisha Cowans
I'm awake at 1:50 am looking at this vid I tried my hardest to fall asleep yes I really did but...minecraft got in the way do you ever feel the same way as I do playing on my favorite but you just can't get off it you tell your self go to sleep but your game distracts you thank a lot for wasting my time I'd rather watch in the night garden than a bunch of lines swirling about the screen
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Sebania Ramirez
It's 5:56 and I can't sleep
Lachie da player ROBLOX Minecraft & more
Kadisha Cowans same thing
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Soap Legends
How to sleep: brings out a gun
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Lol 😂😂😂
Isis Escobar
Soap Legends kkmukki>just
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that was awsome I feel so relaxed and ready for my exam in 45 minutes I will get that done and Im not worrying this is just great
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