All Day Love Episode 9





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Published on May 3, 2011

You : Yeah
Celeta : Jealous by Jasmine Villegas *smiling*
You : Great idea , isn't Jasmine Villegas here
Celeta : Yeah , and so are record label people so heres your chance
You : Well im only going to sing for Princeton
- Just then the people announce for another singer -
You : *run up there & go through the songs & karaoke version of jealous is on there so you choose it & then it starts *
i don't know , why i dont trust , i go crazy when you hang with her ... i need a straight jacket for my mouth cause my j.e.a.l.o.u.s. feelings keep coming out
*the crowd starts clapping along & Princeton sees you looking at him while you're singing finally you're done with the song and you go down to princeton *:
Princeton : You did great
You : Yeah , i bet you think so *looking down*
Princeton : *pulls up your chin* What's wrong
You : Nothing *fake smile* *whisper* Boy i don't know how you got me acting like this
Princeton : Is this about Victoria
You : Yeah *walk away *
Princeton : *grabs your hand * i don't even like her
YOu : You sure
Princeton : *speechless* ...
You : Wow , im just gonna go *tearing up *
Princeton : Wait
You : Celeta let's go *sad*
- at home -
You get a text while you're sleeping
From : Justin Bieber
We need to talk ... call me asap
- morning -
You : *on the fone*
Justin Bieber : Hello
You : You needed to talk *nervous*
Justin Bieber : Oh , yeah , see ... i li ...
You : You what *lost*
Justin Bieber : Will you go ou ...
You : Justin ? *concerned*
Justin Bieber : What i'm trying to say is will you go out with me , i like you alot ...
You : *blushing* Sure Justin , i would love to *giggles*
Justin Bieber : Whats so funny *laughs*
You : Im just happy , thats all
Justin bieber : That's great , but you have school right ?
You : Yeah , it's that last day
Justin Bieber : Oh , well i guess ill talk to you later
You : Yeah , bye
You : *screams* Justin Bieber just asked me out *shocked*
*thinking* i've never had this feeling before
- At school -
* Celeta Runs Up To You *
You : What ? *confused*
Celeta : Justin Bieber is here and he's going to perform for all the fans !
You : Huh ? *confused*
Celeta : Yeah omg aren't you excited ? *jumping up & down*
You : Exstatic ! *sarcastic*
* Ringgggggg*
Celeta : Well theres the bell , i better get to class
- In class -
You : Mrs.Gret , can i use the bathroom
Mrs Gret : Sure , heres a pass
- In the hall walking to class , someone grabs your arm -
You : What the hell ? ! *scared *
Justin Bieber : Calm down babe , it's just me ! *hugs you tight*
You : OMG ! What're you doing here *excited*
Justin Bieber : Im performing for the beliebers at this school
You : Oh .. *upset*
Justin Bieber : What's wrong *confused*
You : First of all , all my friends love you , second of all hundreds of girls at this school want you , and third of all , you might find someone in the crowd better than me *sad*
Justin Bieber : Babe , don't worry , you're that one less lonely girl , all i see is you , they may be cute , but you're beautiful *smiles*
You : *smiles* Ughh !
Justin Bieber : What
You : You just always find a way to make me the happiest girl in the world *flirty smiles *
Justin Bieber : What can i say , im justin bieber *laughs*
You : *laughs* You're such a dork , i like you so much
Justin bieber : Really ?
You : Mhm .
Justin Bieber : Prove it *laughs*
You : *Kiss him differently then you've ever kissed anyone*
Justin Bieber : Woah
You : Yeah *laughs* & now im gonna be late to class , cause of you ! *punches him in the arm*
Justin Bieber : *laughs* sorry babe
You : Ohh , it's alright , see you at the performance *smiles while walking away*
Justin Bieber : *in his head* Man , im really starting to fall hard for her

- At the performance he sings every song & has one last song -

Justin Bieber : Hey guys , how are you feeling today ? Who out there wants to be my one less lonely girl ?
Crowd : *Screams*
Justin Bieber : How about you beautiful

Did you like it ? Who did he pick to go on stage with him ? ! & OMG he finally told you how he feels ! & where the heck is Cody Simpson ! ? Just wait til episode 10 ! :)

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