Aaron Yan & Guigui - Guilun Fanfic Trailer - Between the Two of Us





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Published on Mar 21, 2010

*DISCLAIMER* : No copyright infringement is intended. This is only a fanvideo for pure fun and entertainment purposes only.
EDIT// 1/28/14
100+k views!!!!!!!!!!!!! And over 100 subscribers! I really think thats amazing considering I barely post anything here xD Thanks everyone for viewing! Have to give kudos to WGM Global and the 2PM boys for playing it I suppose. Honestly I never thought this video would be seen by a large audience...I'm really flattered and weirded out lol. I never intended Guigui to see this and if she saw this then that means the chances of Aaron seeing it is quite likely considering the hype from WGM global. I just find it weird lol. I mean its a fanmade thing for a fanfiction and for Guilun shippers. Anyways I especially thanks for those who came for Guilun. I just made it out of my love and adoration for Guilun and the shippers. It's been a while I really hope there are Guilun shippers out there ^^

Also to those who were anticipating Between the Two of Us fanfic, I'm so sorry I abandoned the fic. I had some scenes and cases planned out but my hard drive broke and I lost everything...I had wrote my first smut piece for this fic too xD Anyways if anyone is still interested in the fic...I'll try to crank something out as a treat for Guilun fans ^^

Just hit me up on my tumblr: http://sherryberryxx.tumblr.com
Hey everyone here is my fanfic trailer for me new fanfic! Recently got pulled onto the Guilun ship xD Guilun are super uber adorable together!!!!!!! Watch Pi Li MIT if you haven't yet!!!!!

Transitions are pretty crappy but with limited clips and very newb skill, you got to give me some slack. I'm pretty satisfied with it or else I wouldn't have posted it up!

Read the fanfic here!!

Under certain circumstances, Tian Mo Xing knew it would be the best for 007 to leave. And he did but with the promise that would still be together, they would still stay in contact. However, things didnt work out and Tian Mo Xing couldnt keep her promise. She left a brief message and disappeared from his world.

Three years later after her disappearance, she appeared in front of his eyes again. Old feelings resurface as the two undergo trials that prevent them from moving on with their lives. Will the two confront their issues and start afresh their journey together like the good old days? Or will they bury their feelings and continue to move on with their lives separately?
Clips Used

[MV] Fahrenheit - Only You
[MV] Fahrenheit - Lonesome Spirit
[MV] Fahrenheit - Love You More and More
Evan Yo 蔡旻佑 - 你看不到的天空 正式版MV (ft. 鬼鬼)
Song Used

飛輪海 Fahrenheit - 寂寞暴走 Lonesome Spirit

Lyrics English Translation:

The view from here looked like we were in love before
Your hug and gentleness looked like it is still in existence
Ripping off the end of the ticket, travel alone again...
The cost of the ticket is the pain of thinking of you

You said we will be friends, but we are not friends
We are even further apart then strangers on the road
After re-building of the our field of broken love
Who will occasionally come back and walk around?

I am standing at the entrance of memories
Collecting the pain from my out of control loneliness from the left side of my chest
Feeling down nakedly
The obvious feeling of pain
Due to the blowing wind, made me unable to cry
I am following the arrow head of my destiny
keep walking into the next persons arms
I am not finish loving you
Yet, you make me let go
Who understands that, the time, in the secret garden
You never left

When I said I love you, I said it too freely
Free till a point, looked like I just said something
I never loved in the view of our the future
I only miss your everything and everything from you
My love for you and thought of you, enough to make me drive crazily at extremely high speed on the roads
What others can see is something they dont understand


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