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Published on Oct 18, 2010

Ep. 8 (Dolphin Safari/Open Ocean Fun)

~ Next morning ~

Joe's POV: *Today I've made plans to see dolphins out in the open sea with Nick. Then afterwards we're going to relax together in the sun. And I think later on we'll go explore other areas of the island. Looks at Nick sleeping so peacefully. OMG, he's such an angel! How beautiful! Caresses his cheeks very lightly/traces his lips. Sooo soft, smooth, gentle, silky, warm. I can feel his heart beat. He's so lovely! And so pure of heart, body, mind & soul. He looks so serene, so shy, so innocent. Dear Lord I really love Nick with every fiber of my being. He's my one true love. And I can't thank you enough for letting him be mine. I'm really am blessed, right here, right now. I feel like the luckiest guy holding my baby boy in my arms, in my bed, in my heart. This is the greatest feeling, way beyond the success, the achievements, everything ... nothing comes close to loving/being loved by Nick. Its the ultimate love I've found with him. God bless Nick, our family, friends, everyone ... but most of all .... God thank you so much for bringing Nick into my life, I'm eternally grateful to you. I love you Nick, I always will*

Nick: *Stirs/opens eyes/yawns/streches in Joe's arms/sees him staring at him lovingly/smles* Morning Joey. *Pecks his lips*

Joe: *Smiles/laughs* Good morning my love. Sleep well?

Nick: *Giggles/blushes* Yes. What are we going to do today?

Joe: *Kisses his forehead* Something fun & exciting, you'll love it! Come on baby *Tugs for Nick to get up* You don't want to miss this!

Nick: *Sighs/rolls his eyes cutely* Okay, okay! I'm up, I'm up.! *Smiles sweetly* Nope don't want to miss anything when I'm with you! *Gets dressed with Joe*

~ ???: At a private dock waiting for the Jonas Brothers ~

Nick: *Looking at the medium sized boat* Let me guess ... we're going on an afternoon boat ride around the island?

Joe: *Shakes head* Nope! Care to guess again?

Nick: *Thinks for a min.* Hmm ... wait I know! Is it something to do with the wildlife being in their natural setting?

Joe: *Smiles big/laughs* Now you're getting warmer! Wait till you see, what kind!

Captain: Afternoon Mr. Jonas. Welcome aboard, please this way. Watch your step. *Leads them on to the boat* This is the main deck, and right through there is the dinning area if you need anything. The restrooms are down below. And my cabins up the stairs. *Puts on sailor's hat* We'll be setting sail in a just a moment. Enjoy *Bows and leaves to start the boat*

Nick: *Goes to the front of the boat/lholds on to the railings/gazes* Wow! This is amazing Joey!

Joe: *Goes over to Nick & wraps his arms around his chest* I knew you'd like it!

Nick: *Closes eyes/feels Joe behind/feels how strong he is/sighs pleasurably/my body immediately warms up more thanks to Joe's heat/just takes it in making it last as much as possible* Whispers: Oh Joey, I love you.

Joe: *Heart flips/so happy/hugs tighter/doesn't care about no one else ... just Nick in my arms/slowy turns his around to see that Nick's eyes are closed/he's blushing so cutely/he's almost in a trance* Whispers in ear: Your soooo adorable baby, I love so much. *Leans in to kiss him*

Nick: *Opens eyes to see Joe looking at him so affectionately/blushes deeper/realizes that they are still on the boat/pulls away* J-joey not here. We're not a-alone ... later though okay. *Looks at him with playful smile/turns back to look at the water, while they're taking off from the dock*

Joe: *Rolls his eyes/stands by Nick's side* If you say so baby.

~ Together they watch all the stunning sites of birds, the incredibly blue clear sky, not a cloud ins site, super sunny/perfect weather ~

Nick: *Arrived at their destination/can't believe what we're seeing!/mouth drops open/gasps/smiles big* Dolphins! Oh my gosh, there's so many of them! *Watches them playing/having fun/wild & free in the sea*

Joe: *Beams/laughs/just as happy as Nick is* Wowie I knew we were going to see them, I just didn't know there would be so many, it's so cool!

Nick: *Jumps up & down excitedly* I know! This is the best. *Looks at Joe/smiles* Says shyly: And so are you.

Joe: *Pulls him into a hug/then pulls away to look at him* Thank-you baby. I just wanted to do something we haven't seen before, especially this close! *Gets an idea* Don't move Nicky, I'm going to get the camera, this is just picture perfect! *Runs offs/but then turns around/winks to Nick* I'll be right back baby! *Leaves*

Nick: Okay Joey! *Walks over to the part of the boat where I can sit down/put my feet in the water/& watch the dolphins a little closer. This is so neat, they're so playful and happy. Smiles cheerfully/watches a dolphin come near to me. Wow its coming over to me!* Hello there.


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