Unforgettable -Nix film shows ultimate truth of JFK assassination




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Published on Jun 25, 2015

Are you shocked by this extremely short, video?-although at first glance, difficult to comprehend, once you understand what you are looking at, your eyes should open to the truth of the assassination. All you need is an open mind and willingness at understand what you are seeing, and some background knowledge of the Nix+Zapruder films.

(disinformationists-please go elsewhere)

The driver shot the President

The discussion over alterations over the Zapruder film is better assessed after this unique viewing of the Nix film - real close-up- and repeated. The debate over Zapruder film as to whether the driver "may" have shot the President? remember how it is argued by Bob Harris and others (did the driver shoot kennedy? video on youtube)- that the driver "could not" have shot JFK because his " left hand" is still on the steering wheel in frame 312?-i.e. an 18th of a second before the fatal headshot in frame 313?-which would be impossible?-other than that, viewers of the Zapruder suspect that the driver may have broght his left arm in front of himself to being over his right shoulder, that hand carrying what looks like a gun which is then fired at the same moment the President's head explodes?-BUT we are told it is an illusion

Well, what then do you see here?- another film, this time the Nix film taken from the other side of the limo-am I mistaken for thinking that driver's left arm does indeed cross over in front (as we suspected it did in Zapruder) in EXACT synch with the headshot to the President? Note again, the impact spray the projectile made at the front of the President's head. Note the deformation at the same time to the rear of his skull. Note the blurred brain material exit swiftly to the rear.
Unfortunately the Zapruder film WAS altered and there are people working right now who will prove it.

However as you can see, the Nix film CORROBORATES what we think we saw in Zapruder-this was NOT apparent to security agencies in 1963 because they did not have the film technology we have nowadays.

The subject of the "driver" is radioactive and some get very upset at the very mention of it-why?-because it's the truth-not just because of this video- which in 1963 could not be seen in such clarity-but digitalise it and magnify it-and this is what you get-nowhere else on youtube
However it's not just the videos, it's the circumstantial evidence pointing to the drivers guilt which really "drives" it home if you excuse the pun.There is plenty of that but it up to you to find it-as two researchers did (Newcomb+Perry-Murder From Within) long before this close-up was available.
Also long before Bill Cooper (mad as he might have been) ever thought that the Zapruder showed that it was Greer who shot JFK (he was right-and he was killed)
Have a look at what Dr Charles Crenshaw (at great personal cost) said about the headwound being frontal-not rear shot.
Have a listen to what Douglas P. Horne says about it.Both are/were convinced of a frontal entry. Mr Hornes (was ARRB Senior Analyst) does not come right out and declare that the driver shot JFK, merely saying it is a "disturbing possibility"-I cannot blame him for holding back, for do so would bring a cost to him as well, even today after all these years have passed.

However as even Bob Harris has admitted, more and more people are becoming interested about the driver because this is the heart of the assassination-Greer on behalf of LBJ,- the American coup d'etat that they deny in the land of freedom+democracy.

I believe It is common knowledge at a high level in American politics-everyone who is anyone knows the truth of the Coup.

America,-you can handle the truth and be better for it.

Who will speak for President John F. Kennedy?-a man of human frailty?-certainly, but who after him came even close to his intelligence and abilitity?


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