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Published on Feb 18, 2012

Sorry for not posting. I was busy. (and kinda lazy lol)
Selena's eyes grew wide as soon as Justin hit the floor. She didn't know why, but it scared her when he got hit. She ran over to Justin,who was now, knocked out cold on the cafeteria floor.
She took a glance at Zayn, "You knocked him out.." she mumbled.
Just then Harry started laughing along with Ryan, "One hit is all it took. Weak." harry commented.
Zayn smirked walking back to the table.
Chaz,on the other hand, ran over to justin. "Err. I'll take him to the nurses."

Their was a loud alarm sound, singaling everyone lunch was over and to get ready to go back to their cells.

"I'll go too!" Jasmine stood up,and walked over to chaz.

Selena looked down then at justin. "Well...that's what he gets for calling me a slut." and with that she turned around walking towards the exit with demi by her side.
Once in the nurses, Justin woke up.
"Haha, he has a black eye!" chaz pointed.
Jasmine walked in front of justin and giggled, "he does.."

Justin stood up quickly, and walked to an old mirror hanging on the wall. "Oh my- What the hell?! Fuckin Zayn!" he clenched his fist looking into the mirror when he saw selena's reflection. He slowly unclenched his fist turning around.

Selena stood there with her arms crossed. "Ouch. My boyfriend must hit hard." she commented. "At least now you know not to call me a slut." she stated.

Justin rolled his eyes, "Sorry. I just thought you were hot, and wanted to know if you were DTF."
Selena squinted her eyes confusion, "What's that mean?"
Justin laughed, "Down To Fu-"
Selena quickly cut him off knowing what he was going to say,"Okay! Well, No. I'm not like every girl here.Plus, i have a boyfriend." she turned around to leave, she said, "Welcome to Prision,Bieber." and left.
Of course, justin being himself stared at her ass while she left.
Just then, chaz lightly touched his black eye causing justin to flinch. He gave chaz a glare.
"Ow..Black Eye.." chaz mumbled.

"Did he wake up?" demi questioned selena as she walked out of the nurses.
"Yep." she murmured
"He has a black eye."
"You seemed kinda scared when he hit the floor.." demi mumbled.
"What? No. No i wasn't." selena shoke her head looking at the ground. She knew she was lying. She did get scared, but didn't know why. It was just a normal punch.
"Well, i'm just sayin." demi shrugged and began to walk away.
Selena sighed, looking back into the nurses office,she saw Jasmine and justin talking. Then jasmine hugging justin. Jasmine kissing justin. And chaz awkwardly standing there. Selena looked down and thought, "am i jealous?! No way."
Sorry it sucked.
7+ comments please. (:


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