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Uploaded on Jun 5, 2009

This is a 16 part series trying to give people a look at whats going on in the world. Sometimes people aren't able to connect the dots , sometimes they don't care to. Or sometimes they just aren't able to find all the information in one place.

This is some of the events I see building up to 2012 at which time I strongly believe the world is going to be put in a state of Chaos by astronomical events, maybe solar or a combination of things begining with the alignment.

You can call me what ever you want, but all the great profits from around the world that never knew each other or their works seem to all have the same visions about 2012, that not just something we should look past. There has never been a date in time where so many events are possible, events that may change everything we know.

The Ancients have been telling us this since that last catoclysim. Read the facts, do your own homework,study before you run your mouth as I have studied none stop for 4 years now, I watch the trends, I look at the signs, I READ constantly, I compair notes, I look at the flakes version of things and I look at the scientists version of things and somewhere in the middle is where you find your answers.

Don't be affraid to learn new things, what we have been taught in those really expensive text books are NOT always right. There has been a grose scientific coverup of Anthropology,Geneology,specially archeology in general, because no body wants to have to rewrite history and God knows scientists hate to be proven wrong, but we now have a new generation of scientists and researchers out there like my self that only want the truth and the world has the right to know our history as Humans.

The more you read and see that a creation story was written down 1000 Years before the Bible was even a twinkling in anybodies eye, and uses words Like "We Created Them in our Image"
You find that the stories from the Bible sound a lot like the stories from The first advanced civilization " The Sumerian's"

There are too many things that we've been taught that if you really think about don't make any since at all. Then they use words like Faith, and Blind Obediance, How can you put all your faith in MAN, all man has ever done is lie and lead you down bad paths in order to make them look like Gods, they have controlled us with man made religions that dont make since.

I could go on for days but this video series leads up to a point being that I want to build an underground shelter facility able to sustain life for up to 30 people for 2 years plus.
We will have an abundance of electrcity with 2 wind turbines 2 underground generators,2 battery bank of 98 long life batteries,solar panels a new cheaper brand from a company in california they trap more of the suns rays and produce much more electricity and they are much much cheaper and could actually be used asshingles on a roof,Plus underground natural gas enough to last for 3 years,fresh food that will be grown with special LED lights made specially for growing , Plus there is a huge amount a storage which we will be storing enough millitary rations to last 30 people 3 years, except these are consumer grade and they are a bit better that what they feed our troops.I've tried them and they are actually great!

We'll have a state of the art communication station, several thousand Gigs of music,movies,Tv shows,video games, books,board games and on and on.
Our life support system is state of the art, all connected to a main frame so that we can take care of a problem before it even happens. We'll be like astronauts but underground waiting for the dust to settle what ever that may be.

I want to know if something does happen that I did everything I could to protect my children and as many other people as I possibly could. This facility is able to be added to an built on to so that we can build a large community which is what I'm hoping to accomplish anyway. We need all kinds of people with special skills, from scientists of several fields of study, to engineers of all kinds. If this isn't a large scale science project I don't know what is. Putting a group of people in a living condition that isn't like some stupid show on MTv, this will be real life and every boidy will have a job to do and ever job will be as important as the next, because our job as a whole is to keep ourselves alive.

Any questions please email me

This is not for profit this is for life

Eric Thomas


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