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Published on Jan 31, 2009

When she asks him what kind of cigarettes he bought, he says "Marbarettes"

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Stacci Guma
Liya Gh
Josh Yonathan
He said marlboro reds at first, and then said marb reds for short second... not sure what the deal is.
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Andy Domonkos
+Josh Yonathan (S͜a̡͝r̷͜g͞e̢͠nt̵͝ C͘o̢̨͞o̴k͝í̕é̶̡z̸̡͞) Mur beds is how they say it in mah hood.
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He said it right the first time. I hate the audience on Judge Judy, they brown nose the shit out of her, laughing when she cracks all these shitty jokes.
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David Frigault
+xEazy420 What I find funny is that Judge Judy makes fun of anyone who works a job that is deemed "beneath" her such as janitor or retail yet her show PAYS for an audience to sit behind her and laugh along with her all day which is actually quite pathetic when you think about it. Not to mention, Judy only gets away with saying the things she does because she knows that people cannot argue back since not only is she more likely to throw their case out but she can charge them with contempt of court.
John Domanico
If you watch the audience, they are not laughing or at least not as hard as the added soundtrack.
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Y'know, he did say "Marlboro Reds" quite clearly at first, then when the judge asked him again, he shortened it to "Marb Reds".  Just sayin'.
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I hadlost sleep overdidguy ahrunning wordstoogeduh butyo expanashun haschanged mylife...thankyouberrymuch! aight!
RedPanda Knight
Cause your the best around, and no one's ever gonna take you down.
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Shane Mcguire
marbreds lol
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matt whittaker
lmao. how doesnt he speak clearly? many people in the comments that actually know the terms he is using dont think he speaks unclear.  i hear him plain as day every single time i watch it..
matt whittaker
he enunciated everything correctly. marb reds, then he said Marlboro reds. not his fault she cant hear, or his fault she doesnt know marb reds is commonly said for short of Marlboro reds
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Bruce Kyle
You can't call him a moron,he was probably just nervous,he's human so he's allow to do that as everybody...who the fuck are you to call him a "moron"!?
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If you're honestly offended by that, you need to rethink your life a little bit XD lmfao
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He clearly said Marlboro reds and then Marb reds. The only morons here are the ones making fun of him for this.
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Damojosa Haumy
They have a mic so everyone in the court can hear
Thoranzalar Vhazen
To be fair, he was really mumbly.
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Jonathan Po
I could understand what he said. He said it properly the first time but the second time I'm assuming he used a slang term for that particular brand of cigarettes. Even if he did have a speech impediment, why does that make him a "moron"? What a fine example Judge Judy is showing the public, if u cant understand someone lets make fun of them on international TV in front of millions! Remember this is a JUDGE, supposedly an up standing member of society, a role model......
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David Frigault
+essanay45 Oh I think most people disagree with that statement including your own countrymen.
+David Frigault Canada was always a second rate shit hole compared to America!
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Shawn Uchiha
Judge: What kinda cigarettes did u buy? Boy: Marabobreads.. Judge: What!? Boy: Mababreads. loooooooooooooooooooool
haahahhahaaha his face at the end tho
Andy Domonkos
+WAFFVLE Exactly what I was thinking, pwntface like why me?
Nadine Mick
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