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Published on Oct 4, 2010

Tales from the Norse Legends

by Edward Ferrie (Author), Benjamin Soames (Narrator)

The tales of the Norse gods, of the giants, demons, trolls and dwarves, still have the power to fascinate more than a thousand years after they were first told. Here are the stories of the one-eyed god Odin, the all-seeing, who from his throne in Asgard the home of the gods, has to prepare for Ragnarok, the final conflict between good and evil. There are tales too of Tyr the god of war, of the cunning Loki, of Thor the mighty thunder god and a host of others. These retellings of the old tales are given extra dramatic perspective by the music of Mahler, Greig, Smetana, They come to life as never before.

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Blag Owensonn
After 2000+ yrs... Nordic Pagans still going strong!!
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Raycapone The Art Designer
+Rudeboys 08 and Greek gods to/
Orkar Isber
+Blag Owensonn actually its 1000 years if you count from the "end" and if you count where it started youd have to count from roughly 8000+ years ago. Actually Asatru is strong since 1910 in germany and austria and since 1970 in USA, Iceland etc.
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4 Ace Magic
god of war 4 brought me here lol now i know who hell face
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The thing is, norse gods seem less dickish than the greeks, but kratos doesn't need much lol
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Ulysses the courier
I think im converting 
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Rock Tard
+Orkar Isber Well i'll be using your channel, unlike the courier, im serious about it
Orkar Isber
+Ulysses the courier well sad ^^ Still if you are interested in vikings, the norse mythology, lifestyle, history etc it may be worth a look. If not, well, then have fun =)
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You portray Loki like an evil Satan character... that isn't right. Really, He is beyond "Good" and "Evil", yet has traits of both. This whole thing is Christianized... oh and Hail Loki!
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Thelma Lynne
April 1st is the trickster day...my favorite day...all the rest of the days of the year I must be honest...this day I can say almost anything I feel to...there are white lies and black lies..Black lies are made to hurt..they are not OK any day...we all have a joke or 2 in our brains...
Fro Ing
++TricksterLove+ Loki caused the death of Balder! He is evil! Curse Loki and his supporters! He won't survive Ragnarok.
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Orkar Isber
Corrections i had to make: 1. Mjöllnir is not destroyer, its more crusher, pulverizer, smiter. 2. Even Thor cant wield Mjölnir unless he wields his gauntlets of power and belt of strength. Actually Widar and Mani are stronger than Thor. 3. Thor is not invincible. he was defeated in the Sagas and will be defeated by Yormungandr in the end. 4. Bilskinir actually means more like "flashing light" - which could be lightning of course. 5. Widar and Magni are stronger than Thor. 6. Tyr was actually more the god of oaths than war, a role more taken by odin later on, but of valor and strength 7. Loki is no god of evil or chaos. He is a god of luck, cleverness, cunning and mischief. 8. Loki did a hell lot of good things,. Without Loki Asgard wouldnt even exist....the gods wouldnt have the their artefacts like without Loki no Mjollnir. Know another son of Loki? Sleipnir, Odins horse... 9. Odin actually likes Hel...he didnt ban her to Helheim either and she is respected by the gods
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Billy Willy
I was thinking it is kinda interesting, though most likely coincidental, that loco is crazy in Spanish and Loki is kind of a wild crazy guy.
Orkar Isber
thanks =)
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Kjell Williams
This was interesting: From about 8:00 they describe how Loki's daughter is sent into an underground place called Hel that's full of torture. (sounds vaguely familiar?) Interestingly, the Norse Hel is freezing cold, not scolding hot like the Christian Hell.  Wonder if the peoples of the middle East, with their hot mid-day sun, could better identify with a hot hell as punishment, while the peoples of Scandinavia could better understand a freezing Hel as punishment because of their fierce winters.
Orkar Isber
+Kjell Williams yes and no. Hel in norse mythology is a very very diverse place. it has beautiful paradise like areas, it has quite "usual" places like taverns, it has cold places, hot places, torture places, caves etc. Hel is much more.
The idea of Hell was stolen by christians from these myths. Read a Bible and look for the word Hell. You won't find it because it's not in there.
Albert Macias
As an Hispanic I say white people bring back your pride and stop listening to these race baiters making you feel guilty for being white!
Roland Sloth
wow Marvel how can you fuck this up so much
Lopt the Treacherous
Yeah Marvel loosely took from Norse Mythology and if anything, helped bring it back to popularity.
Marvel's Thor is not intended to be an accurate representation of Norse mythology.
For the Allfather!
boo bye
Is the narrator Loki.
Snow Sohma
at least i was not the only who thought aswell of it
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