Malaysia 10 Dares (Ep 5 Part 1)





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Published on Jul 19, 2012

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Series: 10 Dares
Episode: Malaysia 10 Dares

Description: A game where we dare each other to do stuff. This episode we pay homage to our Malaysian fans who have been wanting for us to wreck havoc in their beautiful capital- Kuala Lumpur.

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Cahaya Al-Shah Al-Shah
Errrr ?? Annoying nya singapore . Mcm ni ke lawak korang? Pfftt bab pencegah maksiat tu sangat sensitive cara melawak tak kena .Kalau korang kafir pun fikir la sensitive kot . Kalau tak boleh terima comment ni ignore je. Bab agama bukan main main. 
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alif ashraf
this video is not only embarrassing Malaysian but it also embarrasses Islam  seriously don't to this kind of things in malaysia 
akmal saz
Banyak2 video munahhirzi..video yg ni paling aq x berkenan.. Korang dtng malaysia buat la cara dtng malaysia.. Klau ko nk beze kn malaysia ngan singapore ko tu baek ko x pyah dtng malaysia.. Ni la masalah nye otak letak kt lutut.. Makcik kutip botol pn korang nk masuk kn dlm video..X kesian ke kt makcik tu.. Lgi 1 psal pencegah maksiat.. Tau la kt sngpore xde mcm tu.. Tpi jgn plak nk hina agama islam..
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max rex
This vid is extremely disturbing...not because of religion, race etc... but they obviously lack respects for people and manners! Come on, not everything what mat salehs do we have to follow to be cool...
Freddy Kay
Im malaysian. And i approved this video. Keep up
Syahirah Erfolg
Sorry but are u guys Muslims ??? Please, stop humiliating Islam !  P/S : bkn marah, nk nasihat :)))
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Hairizal Dahrin
Mcm ni ke budak2 Singapore?..Serious bangang punya perangai.Masuk Malaysia lain kali jaga perangai korang tu sikit klu tak tak pasal2 je kena setepek nanti.
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Ntahlah kesian pon ada bdak2 mlayu singapore ni xde pendidikam agama dnegara diorg skit ht tgok persenda kn agama islam ...dh la pakaian pn x mcm islam.. Smoga munah dgn ure partner kmbali ke jln yg benar ye...btw this video xlawak ..myesal tgok.. I dh mula suka korang pnya video but this video 👎🏼
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lucas JJ
Omg! Come on dont make joke about agama especially islam. Respect your own religion. Wanna make joke than go ahead. It show your level of stupidity 
My Internet Quest
ikut saya, pencegah maksiat di negara malasysia LOL gotta love that!
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