Cry Plays: The Walking Dead [Ep3] [P2]





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Published on Aug 31, 2012


Heavy shit goes down.

Heavy, heavy shit.


Music by Savant - Cry For Love (album ISM to be released 9/9/2012) - http://www.facebook.com/savantdubstep...

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Gabriel and Alexis
Oh my god, I didn't expect Doug to sacrifice himself so save Ben... I can't believe it, Cry is so emotionally broken..! :'(
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Mina Is Fab
I wish he didn't sacrifice himself because we don't need a Ben. He was absolutely worthless and was no help. Doug was way more helpful. All characters get killed off later on but at least for now it would have been nice to still have 'em.
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Pine Straker
Kenny's such a hypocrite, son is definitely bitten but he's not gonna drop a salt lick on his head.
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Mina Is Fab
He dead
Timeghost When bitten you will turn, when you have a heart attack and die you will turn. That is the connection. They both will turn in the end. Are you sure it is us that have the low iq?
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Brandon Taylor
DOUG!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! pauses i think that we should take a moment here. sniff we should... remember what a great pal Doug was. no one could make a good alarm system like he did. and that day he shot his first gun was... chokes on sob was his last. he died protecting Ben, who reminds me of me. LILY GET THE FUCK OUT OF OUR GROUP!!!!
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I would have chosen B...FUCK HER AND HER FATHER
Joshua Chow
Amen, dude........Amen....... T-T
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Emi Roze
"Ahahahahahahahahahahaha... I died." cry you're messed up. love it.
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Oh Frock
Emi Roze haha, cry is the best
Missy Stos
that was probably my favorite part. 😂😂😂
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The Bunny
Honestly, I think Lilly and Kenny are exactly the same. -Both are pretty controlling -have bad tempers -Both look out their families -Not to mention doing ANYTHING for their families -accidentally didn't mean to kill someone due a panic situation ( i.e. Larry and NOW Doug) -and want Lee on their side Not sure why people hate on Lilly and not so much on Kenny. 
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Madame Manda
I know this is late but the sole reason why I have a dislike for Lilly is because she dismisses her father's asshole of a personality. Larry almost killed Lee, he doesn't thank you for saving his life but threatens you at the motel, he becomes a big ass bitch if you don't give him food or the axe (I gave the axe to Mark because he was clearly showing weakness), and he screams at your for every fucking thing even when it's not in your control. I wouldn't care if Lilly was a woman, man, or whatever. The fact that she defends this man and claims that he's just protecting her is full BS. The only reason why I bothered to save his lazy grumpy ass is because I needed Lilly and her military experience.
Midna Lazuli
The Bunny I think because Kenny is slightly more open minded, and is willing to accept his mistakes.
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Oxy Worgon
DOUG, YOU HEROIC BASTARD! HE WAS MY FAVOURITE GUY. THAT MOTHER FUCKER! I LOVE HIM.....asshole.....of goodness. ....i cant deside if i like him more or hate him. ........FUCK YOU LILY
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Daryl Dixon
+Marz-O-Slipo Pan
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Aluke F Jones
Here I am supposed to be taking this seriously, and I'm giggling over how Cry just goes "uh, uh, well, WHA-HFFBLAAAFFHEHEHE. I died."
Kayla York
best part ever
Yinmi Escobar
omg same 😂 at first i was like wtf was that? 😂 why did cry say that? 😂😊
Nightshade_ Nevermore
Katjaa: He's allergic to bees... Cry: Maybe the Zombie bees will attack next. Me: Zombees?! ba dum tch No? No body? .... sorry...
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Crimson Rule
I'm reminded of that mage that could make zombies using special bees in Fate/Zero
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Kaitlyn A
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Caitlyn Okumura
I know right same! He didn't deserve this!
Kakawaii Potato
he nerdy shy nice brave guy is always my favorite
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Kara Storm
Crys reaction to the dream
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leo black
me having an early orgasm
Kara Storm I nearly had a heart attack and screamed because Clem is my favourite character
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