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Uploaded on Nov 26, 2007

NOTE: Read description before posting comment questions or whatever else idiots post.

Note: This is the only area this works in. You also cannot do more than two bosses with this (at this time I've only tested same boss, I have a feeling stuff like Sephiroth x2 + Terra x2 wouldn't work at all).

Note 2: This wasn't a challenge fight, just a for fun to display how 5 Xemnas Data are and how it's funny to sync them together and what happens if you get stuck in a wall. I don't want to hear any crap about how I spam Reflega to damage them or how I have 120 HP instead of 60.

Download: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=2OGRL0VV

Antiweapon found digits to mod some things in Disney Castle's Corner Stone area into whatever you want. He demostrated the code with Terra x6. Of course, that's a massacre no matter what way you look at it. Syoudous and I have been trying to get x6 enemies to work, but the save point mod just doesn't seem to want to work for us, so we're guessing either Antiweapon typoed it, or copied it down wrong, or something. But 5 is good enough anyway. This came out better than it would have with 6 anyway.

So I did Xemnas Data x5. You can't do normal Xemnas or they will all commit suicide too early. Either way, this isn't that hard. You can take them all out with Trinity Limit and Reflega spam easily. If they get DM happy, Second Chance will save you from dying. I purposely did some things to make it look cooler (like trapping myself in the wall). I wasn't expecting the ending though where they all did the drain move at once.

I'm beginning to think this HP bar is a good idea for hacked fights. I can do more, since I still can't seem to boost defense as high as Smartguy05 can. He did tell me that Ribbons help, and they seem they do but still not enough. I tried boosting my defense to a stat of 80, but that's what I use here as you can see from the damage I intake. Although when you're surrounded by Xemnas' doing their DMs all at once, that doesn't help much.

Oh, and remember that I don't take requests anymore. Don't go making requests off of this like "FIGHT EVERY ORG MEMBER AT ONCE" like some actual retards do. According to this information it seems like 6 is the max. But don't mistake this code for being something revolutionary. It gave me a couple more hacked fight ideas, but remember there are still limits to how many things you can put in at one time. You can't do stuff like Sephiroth & Terra & Roxas or something. Not to mention this is the only room this works in, so it could get bland if I do too many of these kind of things.

The song is called Dance of the Behemoth Gulity Gear XX.


Note: Don't ask me for codes. Go to kh-vids.net and find them, I don't have time to tutor people on how to use codes or what is what etc.

Note 2: Don't request hacked fights. I probably won't do it. I get far too many requests now.

Note 3: If you didn't read these and got insulted by another member or myself, it's your fault. Learn to read video descriptions before asking or trying to state your stupid comments.


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