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Published on Apr 17, 2011

Nick's POV

Its been a few days since Joe's left and we still have a week left of spring break.
"hey mikey...isn't april fools the first of april?" I questioned
"um yeah why?"
"well we didn't play a prank...or even make one! I say we create one now, and no one will suspect a thing since it was two weeks ago?"
"haha I like it! but what should it be?"
Currently we were sitting in Joe's empty room now brainstorming ideas.
"Ok I got it! what If we tell kev that Joe's been in a car accident and when he goes to call dani we say "GOTCHA!" michael laughed
"isn't that just a 'tad' but cruel?"
"yep...which is why they would fall for it!"
"i see your point...ok lets say in 15 minutes we run down the stairs with tears falling down our faces"
"sure, one question....I can't just cry on command"
"yeah me either..its called using water duh! and I thought you were the smart one!" michael laughed and I just frowned.
The next 15 minutes we spent getting ready. for example what expressions we were going to use when we told him. I had the phone in my hand and 'tears' were pouring down our faces. I gave michael a nod and our plans were a go. We ran down the stairs in a hurry panicking.
"kkk-kev!" I stuttered, he turned around to face us. His face was full of concern...I kinda feel bad now.
"what? whats wrong?" he asked scared
"ii-its joey! hh-he www-as in a cc-car aaac-accident" Michael pretended to sob...and kev bought it!
"what?! Is he ok? I have to tell Dani! Go get your sisters...were going to the hospital!" He ran out of the room
I turned to michael "now's our chance to say "gotcha!" "
He ran back in flustered "I thought I said go get your sisters now!" he landed a swat to each of our bottoms....ok that wasn't part of the plan!
"KEVIN! Joe's fine..." I smiled
"what?? what do you mean he's fine?! Just a minute ago he was in a car accident...now he's FINE?!" uh oh he's angry...no livid's the word.
"well you see it was all a april fools joke....april fools!" Michael smiled but backed towards me when kevin came closer.
"That little so-called prank you just played...happened to be one of the worst things you both could have EVER done! I can't even look at either of you! What if that did happen? huh? how do you think we would all feel!" He paused in between...something I've noticed that grown ups do to scare kids..well it works.
"Go upstairs to your rooms! I don't want you to by each other if all your going to do is cause havoc!" He landed 20 swats to each of us and we ran up stairs...really scared.
Once we were in our own rooms, I grabbed my walkie talkie to see if I can get a hold of mikey.
"Mikey? you there!"
"yeah nicky I'm here...this was a baddd idea!! were in soo much trouble!!"
I could tell he was crying...and I was the oldest in the house, I'm not supposed to lead my baby brother into this mess. Joe wouldn't be proud and ovbiously kev isn't.
"I'm sorry for bringing you into this mikey...do you forgive me?"
"don't worry nicky...I wanted a part of this, we'll go through it together"
I heard a car pull into the driveway and noticed it was dani's van. The girls and her got out and headed inside...
"great dani and the girls are here" I sighed and sat by my window, which had a view of the neighborhood.
I heard him sigh and there was silence between us...untill I heard dani and Kevin "talking" downstairs...and let me tell you it wasn't pretty!
"hey nicky...someone else just pulled in?"
He had a different view from me, since his room was on the left side of the upstairs. I peered out and all of a sudden Emily and the twins ran in, in hysterics.
"Emily? Katie, keilly? whats wrong!" I opened my arms and they accepted the comfort. Michael soon ran in looking upset and angry too.
"whats wrong?"
"iit's joey....and this time its real" He sobbed...but they were real tears. I carried the girls in my hands before handing one to michael and running to the top of the banister. Kevin and Dani were talking to an officer, and dani was sobbing.
"whats wrong?" I gulped knowing my question was hopfully answered by a "oh we just wanted to give you all a million dollars" and that why dani was crying...but no, life doesn't work that way instead the answer is-
"Joseph's been involved in a severe car accident...they had to medi-flight him...we need you and Michael to stay here with the girls tonight, were heading to St.Joseph's hospital"
The officer left and the two guardians shared a moment of silence, before running around the house making phone calls.
I myself walked back into my room with emily and katie, only to find it empty. I walked down to Joe's room and found Michael and keilly crying, her in his arms. I sat beside them and pulled emily and katie to my chest before consoling them, keilly, and my brother. I guess when you say something aloud thats bad...it can really ruin your day.

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