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Published on Aug 25, 2017

Oh yeah yeah, I only slept for two hours yeah

I want to brag about like Misawa in hell every day.

Because I am a short sleeper ~
I want to say
Because something is cool

So I tried reading various books for the time being
Since I am talking about the same thing, I tried it all together by myself

There are various tests
Indeed so far I have been sleeping for 2 hours or 3 hours and 40 minutes a day
There is no problem
Rather better than when you are sleeping

There are five things that you are roughly trying

First of all

The famous "4-6-11" law
It was proposed by Yuuhei Sugawara
I feel that it covers essentially important things
The numbers represent the time since they woke up

4 I get up in the morning and take sunshine by 4 hours
Time is OK in about 1 minute

6 is a nap after 6 hours
5 to 30 minutes
You can just close your eyes

11 raises body temperature after 11 hours (a little exercise etc.)

I would like the theory and theory to read books

The second
To raise your body temperature even 1 and half hours before going to bed
Bath or exercise may be good
Awake comes when you wake up

The third
Fixed sleeping, waking time and motion fixed
Anyone will know this
It's a habit of dogs like Pavlov

I can not sleep twice, absolutely

Sleeping with conscious of the time to get up

Only this is careful
Actually it will be easy to make a short sleep

In fact your own case

If naturally the brain does not get tired, natural sleepiness seems to come after 8 hours and 22 hours after getting up
REM sleep is the first thing is deepest and efficient
REM sleep is said to range from 80 to 120 minutes depending on the person

For the time being, I set asleep for 2 hours a day for the time being

Going to bed at 5 o'clock
I woke up at 7 o'clock (open a curtain immediately after getting up)
13 o'clock nap
18 o'clock light exercise
I get up from the bath at 3:30.
4:30 on the floor Meditation (stray)

Sometimes I sometimes go oversleep.
At that time I got up around 8:40 on my own
Is my REM sleep 105 to 110 minutes?
I am also thinking

Well I should try it and fine-tune it

The time of REM sleep seems to be different depending on the person
How many times Rem will be taken, even though it will change
I want you to try various sleeping times that fit yourself even if it is not a short sleep

By the way, what you mentioned above should also be a know-how to promote a good quality sleep
Those who are interested please try out with time

Well, like this


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